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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 82-126.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Leto, what is the art of government?
(a) Getting what you want.
(b) Ruling the masses.
(c) Teaching salvation.
(d) Mastering chaos.

2. Who is Luli?
(a) A consort.
(b) An Imperial Guard.
(c) An assassin.
(d) A new wife for Idaho.

3. As Moneo marches alongside Leto in the morning light of their peregrination to Onn, Leto reads Moneo's mind. What does Leto reassure Moneo of?
(a) That the Worm is safely in check.
(b) That Leto's plans will not be thwarted.
(c) That Siona will survive her test.
(d) That Moneo is a respected and valued servant.

4. What is a Torquemada?
(a) Someone who displays tremendous strength.
(b) Someone who displays tremendous moral courage.
(c) Someone who makes living torches out of opponents.
(d) Someone who makes a living tricking others.

5. Why does Leto only have female armies?
(a) Because male officers question orders.
(b) Because female officers are not corruptible.
(c) Because female officers are easier to control.
(d) Because male armies are too dangerous.

Short Answer Questions

1. At Leto's command, Chenoeh is withholding certain information from the people. When will this information be revealed?

2. As Leto and Moneo are riding the artificial ridge, why is Leto happy the bubble is open despite the distress the moisture causes him?

3. Who is Iyo Kobat?

4. Who is Leto's father?

5. When the Imperial Guard picks up Idaho from the featureless room in Onn, where are they taking Idaho?

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