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Bene Gesserit

This group's purpose is to prepare the desert planet to accept its messiah.


This is a place that was built by the God Emperor.


This is the prototype Ixian "no-room."

Face Dancers / Shape Changers

These characters are sterile individuals that exist as a colony.

Forbidden Forest

This is the place through which the rebels flee after stealing the cryptic volumes.

Imperial Society of Fish Speakers

These characters are used as combat forces because they can be violent and vicious while still tending to protect life.


This is a planet renowned for its technology.

Last Desert of the Sareer

This place is fenced in an attempt to preserve it and is maintained through Ixian weather satellites.


This is the most valuable substance known to humankind.

Museum Fremen

These characters are actors who mouth their way through the ancient rituals, songs, and dances of...

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