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Essay Topic 1

Melange is considered to be the most valuable substance known to humankind. Describe melange: what is it, how is it produced, what are its effects, and how it is obtained. Why is Leto determined to control the flow of melange?

Essay Topic 2

The story begins describing Leto's metamorphosis.

a. Describe Leto's reasoning for choosing to undergo the metamorphosis.

b. What does he hope to gain?

c. What does he have to give up?

d. What the challenges Leto faces as a result of his metamorphosis?

e. In light of Leto's plans and hopes, was the metamorphosis worth it in the end? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Based on the writings early in the story and the author's historical references throughout the novel, compare and contrast the world in which the story takes place with the world as it was in the Dune days before Leto's...

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