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• Hadi Benotto announces findings that shed light on the era of "The Scattering," including the authentic journals and recordings of the God Emperor Leto II. According to Leto, everything is the same, but must be kept intact; each new instant is an important learning, for the past is only the past.

• Ulot, Kwuteg, and Siona race through the Forbidden Forest, pursued by D-wolves. The D-wolves are an extension of Leto's purpose: to be the greatest predator ever. The three fleeing characters are trying to escape with the sealed packet containing the two cryptic volumes they have stolen from the fortress.

• Leto begins his journal in the first year of his stewardship, while still undergoing metamorphosis. All he retains of humanity is his face; otherwise, he is a five-ton "pre-worm," supported on an Ixian royal cart.
• "The Welbeck Fragment" contains a dialog from an earlier time between...

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