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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Griet vow to do with the final coins from selling the earrings?
(a) To give them to Catharina.
(b) To never spend them.
(c) To save them for her children.
(d) To spend them right away.

2. What problem did Vermeer have with Griet?
(a) He can't find a good hairstyle for her.
(b) He can't find the right color for her clothing.
(c) He can't find the right pose for her.
(d) He can't find the right lighting for her face.

3. In the portrait Vermeer paints of a maid for Van Ruijven, what was the woman doing?
(a) Eating.
(b) Sitting and writing.
(c) Drinking wine.
(d) Feeding animals.

4. What did Vermeer do to show he did not care to defend Griet against Catharina?
(a) He kissed Catharina in front of Griet.
(b) He did not tell Catharina about the pearls.
(c) He threw out the portrait of Griet.
(d) He made the decision to make Griet leave.

5. How did Griet feel about Vermeer's possession of her?
(a) She is shocked.
(b) She is upset.
(c) She is pleased.
(d) She is embarrassed.

6. What did Vermeer say about the role of religion in his paintings?
(a) They are not religious.
(b) They are Protestant.
(c) They are Christian.
(d) They are Catholic.

7. When Vermeer worked on Griet's portrait, how many others was he also working on?
(a) None.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

8. What did Griet use to numb her ear?
(a) Cold meat.
(b) Clove oil
(c) Lavender oil.
(d) Ice.

9. What did Griet smell like when her parents become suspicious?
(a) Meat.
(b) Linseed oil.
(c) Paint.
(d) Chamomile.

10. How did Vermeer feel about Griet posing for a picture for van Ruijven?
(a) He does not like the idea but agrees to do it.
(b) He likes the idea but does not agree to do it.
(c) He does not like the idea and refuses to do it.
(d) He likes the idea and agrees to do it.

11. How much do the Vermeers owe Pieter?
(a) 25 guilders.
(b) 20 guilders.
(c) 10 guilders.
(d) 15 guilders.

12. Where did Pieter the Son show up uninvited, surprising Griet and her family?
(a) The river.
(b) Church.
(c) The Vermeer home.
(d) The market.

13. What did Cornelia take from Griet's chest?
(a) A hair comb.
(b) A paint brush.
(c) A ring.
(d) A portrait.

14. How did Griet's family respond to Pieter's surprising them?
(a) They are embarrassed.
(b) They are welcoming.
(c) They do not notice him.
(d) They are angry.

15. Whom did Van Ruijven impregnate?
(a) The butcher's wife.
(b) His maid.
(c) His wife's sister.
(d) Catharina.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrestled Catharina to the ground?

2. According to Griet's mother, what did Vermeer's paintings represent?

3. Griet suspected that Catharina believed which of the following about her marriage?

4. What scene finalized Vermeer's metaphorical ownership of Griet?

5. How many children did the Vermeers have at the time Johannes died?

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