Girl with a Pearl Earring Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What was Griet's first impression of the Vermeer family?

Griet first met the Vermeer family at her family's home when they came to see if she would be a good maid for them. They are obviously wealthy. Johannes Vermeer, the man, appeared intrigued by Griet. Catharina, the woman, was pregnant. She appeared annoyed that her husband gave attention to Griet.

2. What family problems did Griet experience at her family's home?

Griet's family was far from perfect. Frans, her brother, had left for an apprenticeship, and everybody missed him. Her father had no eyes after an accident at work left him blind. He could no longer bring in an income for the family. Agnes, Griet's younger sister, was going to be devastated that Griet was leaving the family.

3. How did Griet's arrival at the Vermeer home go?

When Griet first arrived at the Vermeer household, she met Tanneke. Tanneke was the head maid, and she was extremely curt. Upon Griet's arrival, she also discovered that there were crucifixion photos all over the house. They were disturbing and made Griet feel very uncomfortable.

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