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1664, Pages 3 - 24

• The Vermeers were a rich couple that came to hire Griet as a maid to clean Vermeer's studio in a way so that Vermeer could not tell she has moved anything.
• Griet had to work to make money for the family because her father lost his eyes and could no longer provide.
• Griet arrived at the Vermeer home and was treated badly by the head maid Tannke and the daughter Cornelia.

1664, Pages 24 - 51

• Griet went to the butcher and met Pieter and Pieter the Son.
• Griet had a hard time falling asleep in the Vermeer home, especially with the crucifix paintings in view of her bed.
• Griet did a satisfactory job cleaning Vermeer's studio and was able to visit her home once, after which she felt guilty.

1664, Pages 51 - 73

• The Vermeers were short on money so Catharina told Vermeer to paint faster.
• Griet felt at home...

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