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D. L. Coburn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Fonsia, what scared her about her last encounter with Weller?
(a) Weller's red face.
(b) Weller's throwing of the card table.
(c) Weller's yelling.
(d) Weller's language.

2. What is the Extended Family?
(a) It is what the staff refers to themselves as.
(b) A group that visited the Home to steal goods, but under the auspices of being an entertainment.
(c) A church group that delivers canned food to the Home.
(d) A group that visited the Home looking for substitute Grandparents.

3. In Act 2, Scene 1, according to Fonsia, every second breath of Weller's has to be what?
(a) An insult.
(b) Short.
(c) Forced.
(d) A curse.

4. In dealing the last hand of gin in Act 2, Scene 2, what does Weller do differently?
(a) Deals to Fonsia first.
(b) Deals himself first.
(c) Asks Fonsia to keep score.
(d) Cuts the deck.

5. How did Weller lose his savings?
(a) Gambling.
(b) He spent his savings on trying to reconnect with his family.
(c) He spent his savings in trying to win back his business.
(d) He became ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act 2, Scene 1, what threat brings Fonsia to the card table?

2. What parallel does Fonsia draw between Weller and her ex-husband in the final scene?

3. According to Fonsia in Act 2, Scene 2, what is it that she likes about Weller?

4. How did Fonsia separate from her husband?

5. What card does Weller give Fonsia in the final hand, that he claims to know she needs?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Act 2, Scene 1, are Weller's apologies sincere? What about his motive?

2. In Act 2, Scene 1 Weller says "You can't keep anything around here." What connection does this have with Act 1, Scene 2?

3. Towards the end of Act 2, Scene 1, Weller begins talking to himself. How is this 'craziness' foreshadowed?

4. How is Mrs. Mayes used by Weller to get Fonsia on the porch in Act 2, Scene 2?

5. What has Fonsia done to Weller since their last meeting in Act 2, Scene 1 that has upset him?

6. How did Fonsia fear the lie she told to win employment would be found out?

7. Weller guesses that Fonsia lied to him about her son's whereabouts. What is the significance of the lie, and what other lies has she told?

8. Explain the exchange of the sweater in Act 2, Scene 2. What could the exchange of the sweater represent?

9. How many hands has Weller won throughout the play?

10. What is the significance of the choir striking up in the last moments of the closing scene of the play? What kind of tune might they be singing?

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