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D. L. Coburn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Weller, what are dietitians not known for?
(a) Their imaginations.
(b) Their flavorful dishes.
(c) Their compassion.
(d) Their creativity.

2. How old is Fonsia's oldest grandchild?
(a) 14.
(b) 8.
(c) 18.
(d) 16.

3. How is the second hand of the second game won in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) By Fonsia, who knocks to win.
(b) By Weller, who receives a perfect hand.
(c) By Weller, who wins in three rounds.
(d) By Fonsia, who receives a perfect hand.

4. What scoring system does Weller employ in scoring gin?
(a) The Omaha method.
(b) The Hollywood basis.
(c) The English basis.
(d) The Kansis Style.

5. Fonsia wins a hand of gin that Weller would have won had he knocked. What card is she waiting for that eventually wins her the hand?
(a) A queen.
(b) The wild card.
(c) The four of diamonds.
(d) An ace.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many cards are dealt to the player (non-dealer)?

2. How old is Fonsia's youngest grandchild?

3. As Weller begins losing his temper, he begins yelling. He also begins doing what?

4. How did Fonsia get over the 'spells' she had after her divorce?

5. What does Weller think drives the management of the Home to provide entertainment?

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