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Bernarda Bryson Shahn
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does the storm last?
(a) For six days and nights.
(b) For ten days and nights.
(c) For forty days and nights.
(d) For one hundred days and nights.

2. How is Gilgamesh treated by Utnapishtim?
(a) He is ignored.
(b) He is rebuked.
(c) He is warmly welcomed.
(d) He is humiliated.

3. What does Gilgamesh assure Enkidu?
(a) If he goes back to the forest, Gilgamesh will send Harim with him.
(b) If he goes to the underworld, Gilgamesh will wait at the gate until they let Enkidu out again.
(c) If he goes to the underworld, he goes alone.
(d) If he leaves Uruk, Gilgamesh will surely die.

4. What does one of the scorpion-men do upon seeing Gilgamesh?
(a) He asks his identity.
(b) He tells him to turn around and go home.
(c) He attempts to kill him.
(d) He bows down to his King.

5. How does the scorpion man's wife reply?
(a) This is Gilgamesh, our King.
(b) Do not kill the stranger. Let him speak.
(c) Allow the stranger to stay.
(d) The stranger is two-thirds god and one-third man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What prevents Gilgamesh from doing any further damage?

2. What does Gilgamesh wonder about Utnapishtim?

3. What is Gilgamesh's explanation?

4. What does Sabitu do after he thanks her?

5. Why is Urshanabi banished from the place for all time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Of what does Sabitu remind Gilgamesh?

2. What does the scorpion-man urge Gilgamesh to do? How does Gilgamesh respond?

3. What does Utnapishtim begin?

4. How does Chapter Nine begin?

5. What does Ea give Utnapishtim? Why?

6. How does Utnapishtim's wife describe Gilgamesh?

7. How does Sabitu react after Gilgamesh tells his story?

8. What does the boatman say to Gilgamesh, regarding his quest?

9. After Gilgamesh tells his story, how does Utnapishtim respond?

10. Why is the crow sent out? Why does it not return?

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