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Bernarda Bryson Shahn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Anu agree to Ishtar's request?
(a) Yes.
(b) Yes, at first.
(c) Not initially.
(d) No.

2. At the Temple of Ishtar, the citizens of Uruk will finally do what?
(a) Destroy the temple.
(b) Pray to Ishtar.
(c) Choose a bride for their king, Gilgamesh.
(d) Ask Ishtar for guidance.

3. How does Gilgamesh react to his mother's warning?
(a) He becomes angry.
(b) He cries.
(c) He grows nervous.
(d) He laughs.

4. What do the elders request of Enkidu?
(a) He must talk to the gods.
(b) He must stop Gilgamesh.
(c) He must accompany Gilgamesh.
(d) He must leave the city.

5. What is done with the entrails?
(a) They are burnt as an offering to the god Shamash.
(b) They are eaten by Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
(c) They are divided among the city's tradesmen.
(d) They are destroyed.

6. What is the result of the King's request to continue building the walls higher and higher?
(a) The King monopolizes the time of the men.
(b) Wealth is lost.
(c) A monster becomes angry.
(d) Workers are exhausted.

7. After Harim and Enkidu proceed to the temple, what does the young priestess do?
(a) She speaks to Ishtar.
(b) She leaves Enkidu at the gate.
(c) She brings him into the temple.
(d) She sends him in alone.

8. How does the wild man find himself when sitting beside the young priestess?
(a) Nervous.
(b) Sad.
(c) Utterly content.
(d) Worried.

9. Seeing his bravery and his skill in battle, with whom does Ishtar fall in love?
(a) Humbaba.
(b) Enkidu.
(c) Gilgamesh.
(d) Anu.

10. In his dream, what is Gilgamesh doing?
(a) Walking through the streets of Uruk.
(b) Walking through the forest.
(c) Eating dinner.
(d) Speaking to his people.

11. What does Gilgamesh do to the beast?
(a) He chops off its head.
(b) He breaks its wings.
(c) He throws a spear straight into its throat.
(d) He forgives it.

12. What is the young priestess's worry?
(a) Enkidu will be treated like a King.
(b) Enkidu will betray her.
(c) Enkidu will be treated no better than a captive animal.
(d) Enkidu will become violent in town.

13. What does the King attempt to do to the savage?
(a) Ignore him.
(b) Push him aside.
(c) Hug him.
(d) Kill him.

14. Finally, what do the city elders attempt to do?
(a) Ignore the two men.
(b) Prepare the King for his departure.
(c) Intervene.
(d) Find a new King.

15. What does Ninsun ask her son to do?
(a) Describe the dream.
(b) Leave her alone.
(c) Relax.
(d) Look for Enkidu.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long do the two companions grapple with the beast?

2. How does the story of Gilgamesh begin?

3. What should Gilgamesh not do?

4. Who is responsible for molding humans from inanimate clay?

5. Ninsun blesses her son and Enkidu and asks Enkidu to do what?

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