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Bernarda Bryson Shahn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Enlil feel about Shamash's pity for mankind?
(a) He is confused by it.
(b) He is saddened by it.
(c) He is enraged by it.
(d) He understands it.

2. How does the story of Gilgamesh begin?
(a) With an account of how Gilgamesh becomes King.
(b) With the story of Gilgamesh's birth.
(c) With the story of how Gilgamesh gained immortality.
(d) With an account of the geography of his world.

3. What does Ishtar ask her father Anu to create?
(a) A Horse of Heaven.
(b) A Lion of Heaven.
(c) A Bird of Heaven.
(d) A Bull of Heaven.

4. How does the young girl feel when she sees the man?
(a) She is terrified.
(b) She is excited.
(c) She is irritated.
(d) She is unsure.

5. Why do the elders suggest that a man be created?
(a) To be Gilgamesh's brother.
(b) To scare Gilgamesh.
(c) To be Gilgamesh's companion.
(d) To destroy Gilgamesh.

6. What should Gilgamesh not do?
(a) Leave his home.
(b) Walk the streets or approach the Temple of Ishtar.
(c) Speak to Ishtar.
(d) Be near Endiku.

7. What does Enkido do when Gilgamesh attempts to enter?
(a) He blocks his path.
(b) He ignores him.
(c) He allows him to enter.
(d) He stabs him through with a sword.

8. How does the goddess Ishtar feel about what has taken place?
(a) She is besider herself with anxiety.
(b) She is beside herself with rage.
(c) She is besider herself with happiness.
(d) She is beside herself with saddness.

9. Over whom does Anu hesitate to take the side of the common people?
(a) Ishtar.
(b) The other gods.
(c) The elders.
(d) The King.

10. Why does Gilgamesh believe he is invincible?
(a) He is very smart.
(b) He is a god.
(c) He is very strong.
(d) He is two parts god and only one part man.

11. Why do the hunter and his father head to the city?
(a) To complain about Gilgamesh's behavior.
(b) To report the matter to the King.
(c) To find someone to kill Enkidu.
(d) To find a god to help them.

12. At the Temple of Ishtar, the citizens of Uruk will finally do what?
(a) Choose a bride for their king, Gilgamesh.
(b) Ask Ishtar for guidance.
(c) Destroy the temple.
(d) Pray to Ishtar.

13. What do the elders request of Enkidu?
(a) He must talk to the gods.
(b) He must leave the city.
(c) He must stop Gilgamesh.
(d) He must accompany Gilgamesh.

14. How does the man respond to the girl?
(a) He gives her a confused stare.
(b) He says hello in return.
(c) He waves to her.
(d) He leaves.

15. The people over which Gilgamesh rules as king possess what?
(a) Magical powers.
(b) Only one god.
(c) A vast pantheon of gods.
(d) Many possessions.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what do Gilgamesh and Enkidu take part?

2. According to Ishtar's wishes, what does the creature do?

3. What does Enkidu resolve to do?

4. By whom is Gilgamesh welcomed?

5. What happens as Harim leads Enkidu into Uruk?

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