Gilgamesh: Man's First Story Short Essay - Answer Key

Bernarda Bryson Shahn
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1. Describe Gilgamesh's world.

To the north of his city of Uruk, one of the seven cities of ancient Sumer, lie the mountains of Mashu, to the west is the place in which the Sun sets to descend through the underground caverns and rise again in the Eastern Garden. Encircling this arrangement is a body of water called the Bitter River, the touch of which is fatal to the offender. To the north of the Bitter River are the mountains-without-end and, to the south, the sea-without-end.

2. Who are the main gods Gilgamesh's people possess?

The people over which Gilgamesh rules as king possess a vast pantheon of gods, but the main members are Anu, god of the skies, Ea god of the waters, Enlil, god of the earth, and his sister, Ishtar, goddess of love, the sun Shamash, Sin the moon, and Adad, voice of the thunder.

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