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Bernarda Bryson Shahn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With the mothers robbed of their sons and the young girls of their lovers, what do the city elders decide to do?
(a) Complain to the King.
(b) Complain to Anu.
(c) Complain to the gods.
(d) Complain to the other citizens.

2. What do Gilgamesh and Enkidu do when Ishtar calls the gods to battle against them?
(a) They ignore her and set off for Uruk.
(b) They plead with her to leave them alone.
(c) They plan to meet with the other gods.
(d) They laugh at her.

3. Over whom does Anu hesitate to take the side of the common people?
(a) The elders.
(b) Ishtar.
(c) The King.
(d) The other gods.

4. What do scribes do?
(a) They tell the stories of the King and Enkidu on the walls of a tomb.
(b) They write stories of the men's adventures on papyrus.
(c) They engrave the stories onto stone or press the letters into wet clay.
(d) They teach Enkidu how to write.

5. After Harim and Enkidu proceed to the temple, what does the young priestess do?
(a) She brings him into the temple.
(b) She sends him in alone.
(c) She leaves Enkidu at the gate.
(d) She speaks to Ishtar.

Short Answer Questions

1. As he nears the Temple of Ishtar, what happens beside him?

2. What is Gilgamesh's explanation?

3. Where are Ishtar and her priestesses in Enkidu's dream?

4. When Harim enters the forest, by what is she charmed?

5. What does the double-edged axe symbolize?

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