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Short Answer Questions

1. What ailment does John have, according to his doctor?

2. How old is John's son?

3. In John's house, which he has lived in since being a small boy, what is in the home that was the same from his childhood?

4. What is Tobias's father's name?

5. What is the color of John's son's favorite shirt?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the key aspects of John's life that he recounts to his son?

2. Describe how John learned scripture.

3. How does John describe being in the world at night?

4. Describe the moment of communion John experiences in the ruins of the burned-out church.

5. How does John explain death to people who ask what it is like?

6. How does John view Jack Boughton prior to his coming?

7. What is the significance behind the story of the farmer who was murdered with a bowie knife, and what does that have to do with John's grandfather?

8. What are John's feelings and descriptions of baptism?

9. What was Jack Boughton's first meeting with Lila like?

10. Describe the preaching John's grandfather did after coming back from the war, and how it affected his listeners.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

John and Jack have an extended conversation on pages 160 - 173. Discuss the nature of this conversation, the different points raised in the course of the conversation, while highlighting the presence of thematically important conflicts. Note, too, any significance to the fact that the conversation took place in the church - which seems to make conversations difficult.

Essay Topic 2

The author uses dialogue as a narrative technique very rarely. Discuss the author's possible reasons for using dialogue in this fashion, and why it is employed in the parts of the story it is.

Essay Topic 3

In pages 202 - 215, we have John revealing parts of his character, especially in his relationship with his wife. Discuss those revelations as they deal with his wife. Look for any other summaries of the novel's themes as found in this section, and identify any points which point toward John going through a transition in his beliefs.

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