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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to John, what does light seem to be a metaphor for?
(a) The resurrection.
(b) The end of evil.
(c) The human soul.
(d) Creation.

2. After Lila began attending church every Sunday, how did that impact his sermon preparation?
(a) He prepared sermons that disappointed the other church members.
(b) His sermons were written to please and impress her.
(c) He prepared sermons to make her feel guilty about her lifestyle.
(d) He prepared his sermons to please himself.

3. John states he is preaching from Genesis 12:14 - 21, concerning what two biblical characters?
(a) Hagar and Ishmael.
(b) Cain and Abel.
(c) Adam and Eve.
(d) Abraham and Issac.

4. What job was Jack holding when his wife became pregnant?
(a) He was teaching at a high school.
(b) He was selling men's clothes.
(c) He was selling shoes.
(d) He was waiting tables.

5. Jack tells John that during the Civil War, Iowa had a specific kind of regiment. According to the Tennessean who spoke to Jack, what kind of regiment was it?
(a) A teenage regiment.
(b) A graybeard regiment.
(c) A colored regiment.
(d) A Methodist regiment.

Short Answer Questions

1. John writes, "I don't want to be old. And I certainly don't want to be _____________ ."

2. Who was it that said Christianity is a life, not a doctrine?

3. What did John blame for confusion where doctrine is concerned?

4. How does John describe Boughton's parents?

5. In his sermon, what does the grandfather say is left in Gilead?

Short Essay Questions

1. John writes an extensive contemplation of the Ten Commandments, focusing on the Fifth Commandment. What are some of his thoughts?

2. What are two memories of pranks that John and Boughton share on Boughton's porch?

3. What is John's point on preaching on Hagar and Ishmael?

4. How does John give Lila instruction prior to her baptism, and what is the nature of this instruction?

5. How does John recall Jack's baptism?

6. How does John respond to Jack's question about his family moving to Gilead?

7. Describe John's birthday.

8. Describe Della's family situation.

9. How does John explain the futility of defending beliefs?

10. What is the nature of John and Jack's first discussion at the church?

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