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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Gilead, what denomination attracted new people and young people after the Civil War?
(a) The Methodists.
(b) The Presbyterians.
(c) The Unitarians.
(d) The Baptists.

2. What does John find Jack Boughton and his son doing when he comes home for lunch?
(a) Eating a piece of cake.
(b) Reading the newspaper together.
(c) Playing catch.
(d) Playing dominos.

3. What causes the death of many soldiers and others all across the country at the end of WWI?
(a) The Spanish flu.
(b) The bird flu.
(c) The Swine flu.
(d) Tuberculosis.

4. What does John do as he walks down the streets of his town at one or two a.m.?
(a) Sings to himself.
(b) Recites poetry.
(c) Pray for people in their homes.
(d) Feels sorry for himself.

5. What does John have stored in boxes upstairs in his house?
(a) Sermons.
(b) Baseball cards.
(c) Letters to his first wife.
(d) Dishes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is John's son?

2. What letter does Boughton think should be excluded from the alphabet?

3. What does Edward quote as they play catch?

4. When John and his father visited the graveyard, his father said, "I would never have thought this place could be ..."

5. What was John's mother's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does John describe being in the world at night?

2. What are some of John's impressions of Tobias and his son?

3. Describe John's brother, Edward.

4. What was Jack Boughton's first meeting with Lila like?

5. What are the basic facts about John's first marriage?

6. Describe the moment of communion John experiences in the ruins of the burned-out church.

7. What are some of John's comments on water?

8. What are some of the key aspects of John's life that he recounts to his son?

9. Briefly recount the story John's grandfather and his friends used to tell about the citizens of a little abolitionist town.

10. How does John view Jack Boughton prior to his coming?

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