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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does John hope to die?
(a) With a quiet heart.
(b) With a smile on his lips.
(c) In his sleep.
(d) With everyone in his life forgiven.

2. What job was Jack holding when his wife became pregnant?
(a) He was selling men's clothes.
(b) He was selling shoes.
(c) He was teaching at a high school.
(d) He was waiting tables.

3. Which of the Ten Commandments does John want his son to be particularly aware of?
(a) The tenth commandment.
(b) The fifth commandment.
(c) The first commandment.
(d) The seventh commandment.

4. What trait does Jack possess that John states is almost a curse to him?
(a) Jack's inability to tell the truth.
(b) Jack's judgmental tendencies.
(c) Jack's attitude toward the rest of his family.
(d) Jack's ability to see through people.

5. What hymn writer wrote "Grant me on earth what seems Thee best, Till death and Heav'n reveal the rest"?
(a) John Philip Sousa.
(b) John Ames.
(c) Isaac Watts.
(d) Ralph Vaughn Williams.

6. What does John say has been one of the great irritations of his life?
(a) Being so much older than his wife.
(b) Growing old and infirm.
(c) Seeing Boughton and his son Jack together.
(d) Jack spending time with his son.

7. What does Jack call John's son?
(a) Little brother.
(b) Little John.
(c) Little sport.
(d) Little man.

8. Jack drops by John's home one evening as he and his family are rocking on the porch. What does Lila bring them?
(a) Lemonade.
(b) Cool water.
(c) Hot cider.
(d) Hot tea.

9. When John first meets Lila in church, what did he rebuke himself for not doing?
(a) Asking her name.
(b) Finding out where she lived.
(c) Paying more attention to his sermon.
(d) Getting her telephone number.

10. What is the revelation about Jack's wife after it is discovered that he has a wife and child?
(a) She is moving in with the Boughtons.
(b) She is dying of tuberculosis.
(c) She is a native American.
(d) She is colored.

11. What is Tobias not allowed to do?
(a) Go to the Ames house anymore.
(b) Play marbles.
(c) Watch movies or television.
(d) Stay out past 9 p.m.

12. When Boughton visits John while Glory and Lila and their son go to the movies, what does Boughton say about Jack?
(a) That Jack has evil intentions toward Lila.
(b) That Jack is a recent widower.
(c) That he's not right with himself yet.
(d) That he thinks Jack is in trouble with the law.

13. What holiday does John say his grandfather was asked to say a few words during?
(a) New Year's Day.
(b) Christmas.
(c) The Fourth of July.
(d) Memorial Day.

14. What river did John and Glory see Jack's daughter playing in?
(a) The East Okichobee.
(b) The Satartia.
(c) The Yalobusha.
(d) The West Nishnabotna.

15. How does John spend the whole night after overhearing the conversation between Lila and Jack?
(a) Fighting back anger toward Jack.
(b) Writing down the conversation.
(c) Praying for his wife.
(d) Praying for Jack.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the topic of the sermon Lila puts by John's bed that was dated June, 1947?

2. What church holiday does Lila first come to church on?

3. Who does Jack's wife's father believe Jack is descended from?

4. When Jack states that John is in an unconventional marriage himself, what is he referring to?

5. John tells Jack that it is presumptuous to judge the authenticity of anyone's ______________________ .

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