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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the revelation about Jack's wife after it is discovered that he has a wife and child?
(a) She is dying of tuberculosis.
(b) She is a native American.
(c) She is colored.
(d) She is moving in with the Boughtons.

2. John writes, "I don't want to be old. And I certainly don't want to be _____________ ."
(a) A burden.
(b) Confused.
(c) Weak.
(d) Dead.

3. Why does John feel that it is appropriate for his son to read about Jack Boughton, in spite of the fact that it might be betraying pastoral discretion?
(a) He wants his son to see the beauty in Jack.
(b) He wants his son to avoid the same mistakes Jack had made.
(c) He wants to express to his son how sorry he was for Jack.
(d) He wants to expose Jack for what he was.

4. What did John blame for confusion where doctrine is concerned?
(a) Unconfessed sin in individuals.
(b) Books by sham preachers.
(c) The radio and television.
(d) False teachings found in gospel tracts.

5. Jack Boughton tells John during their meeting in the church, "I wish I could have been like ___________________ ."
(a) Your father.
(b) My father.
(c) You.
(d) My mother.

6. How old was John when Lila first came to church?
(a) Fifty-seven.
(b) Sixty-seven.
(c) Sixty-six.
(d) Sixty.

7. What doctrinal concept does Jack Boughton ask John his views on?
(a) The Second Coming.
(b) The resurrection.
(c) Predestination.
(d) Creation.

8. How old is Jack Boughton as John writes about him?
(a) 43.
(b) 35.
(c) 51.
(d) 40.

9. What holiday does John say his grandfather was asked to say a few words during?
(a) New Year's Day.
(b) The Fourth of July.
(c) Christmas.
(d) Memorial Day.

10. When Boughton visits John while Glory and Lila and their son go to the movies, what does Boughton say about Jack?
(a) That he thinks Jack is in trouble with the law.
(b) That he's not right with himself yet.
(c) That Jack is a recent widower.
(d) That Jack has evil intentions toward Lila.

11. What does John say has been one of the great irritations of his life?
(a) Seeing Boughton and his son Jack together.
(b) Jack spending time with his son.
(c) Being so much older than his wife.
(d) Growing old and infirm.

12. How does John hope to die?
(a) With everyone in his life forgiven.
(b) In his sleep.
(c) With a smile on his lips.
(d) With a quiet heart.

13. Why does Jack tell John that he (Jack) lies a lot?
(a) Because he is afraid of the truth.
(b) Because it comes so easily.
(c) Because he doesn't want to hurt his family.
(d) Because people believe him when he does.

14. What hymn writer wrote "Grant me on earth what seems Thee best, Till death and Heav'n reveal the rest"?
(a) John Philip Sousa.
(b) John Ames.
(c) Ralph Vaughn Williams.
(d) Isaac Watts.

15. What baseball team does Jack Boughton favor?
(a) The Cardinals.
(b) The Yankees.
(c) The Dodgers.
(d) The White Sox.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Boughton tell John about the trumpet vines covering his house?

2. What is Tobias not allowed to do?

3. Jack tells John that during the Civil War, Iowa had a specific kind of regiment. According to the Tennessean who spoke to Jack, what kind of regiment was it?

4. After Lila began attending church every Sunday, how did that impact his sermon preparation?

5. What are the fears that John has about Jack Boughton?

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