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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jack do to the John's front steps?
(a) Painted them with pink paint.
(b) Broke them.
(c) Painted molasses on them.
(d) Set them on fire.

2. Who is it hard for to see good faith in another character, which John states is a "terrible problem"?
(a) Jack Boughton.
(b) The Methodist minister.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) His father.

3. Jack tells John that during the Civil War, Iowa had a specific kind of regiment. According to the Tennessean who spoke to Jack, what kind of regiment was it?
(a) A teenage regiment.
(b) A graybeard regiment.
(c) A colored regiment.
(d) A Methodist regiment.

4. What job did John help the widow with, who had just moved from her farm to a cottage in town?
(a) Plumbing.
(b) Yard work.
(c) Electrical work.
(d) Roofing.

5. What was the expectation placed on John and Louisa from childhood?
(a) That they would never marry.
(b) That they would have several children.
(c) That they were to be married.
(d) That they would move to St. Louis together.

6. What job was Jack holding when his wife became pregnant?
(a) He was selling men's clothes.
(b) He was waiting tables.
(c) He was selling shoes.
(d) He was teaching at a high school.

7. John writes, "I don't want to be old. And I certainly don't want to be _____________ ."
(a) Confused.
(b) Weak.
(c) Dead.
(d) A burden.

8. How old is John in 1947?
(a) Almost sixty.
(b) Almost seventy.
(c) Fifty-five.
(d) Almost eighty.

9. In John's grandfather's holiday sermon, what does he say the Lord came to him and did?
(a) Put his hand on his right shoulder.
(b) Gave him a glimpse of heaven.
(c) Gave him the ability to see the future.
(d) Caused him to faint.

10. How does John spend the whole night after overhearing the conversation between Lila and Jack?
(a) Praying for his wife.
(b) Fighting back anger toward Jack.
(c) Praying for Jack.
(d) Writing down the conversation.

11. What baseball team does Jack Boughton favor?
(a) The Cardinals.
(b) The Yankees.
(c) The Dodgers.
(d) The White Sox.

12. What does Jack say the chief thing his wife's father has against him?
(a) That he cannot look after his family.
(b) That he is an atheist.
(c) That he will break her heart.
(d) That he is an adulterer.

13. What is the revelation about Jack's wife after it is discovered that he has a wife and child?
(a) She is dying of tuberculosis.
(b) She is a native American.
(c) She is colored.
(d) She is moving in with the Boughtons.

14. How did Lila respond when he asks her how he could repay her for tending to his garden?
(a) "You ought to marry me."
(b) "You should help me understand the Bible."
(c) "You should take me to dinner."
(d) "You should teach me everything you know."

15. What church holiday does Lila first come to church on?
(a) Christmas.
(b) Epiphany.
(c) Easter.
(d) Pentecost.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack say he turns to for solace?

2. When Jack states that John is in an unconventional marriage himself, what is he referring to?

3. Who was it that said Christianity is a life, not a doctrine?

4. What are the fears that John has about Jack Boughton?

5. Jack Boughton tells John during their meeting in the church, "I wish I could have been like ___________________ ."

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