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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jack steal from John that made him "as angry as I have been in my life"?
(a) His reading glasses.
(b) A pocketknife.
(c) A photograph of Louisa.
(d) His Greek New Testament.

2. What is Jack's son's name?
(a) Richard Boughton Maxwell.
(b) Robert Benton Miller.
(c) Ronald Baxter Mitchell.
(d) Robert Boughton Miles.

3. What object do John's son and Tobias "chuck pebbles" at?
(a) A Dodgers cap.
(b) A tin can.
(c) Soapy.
(d) An aluminum pie plate.

4. What doctrinal concept does Jack Boughton ask John his views on?
(a) The Second Coming.
(b) The resurrection.
(c) Predestination.
(d) Creation.

5. What does John state is one of the best traits of good people?
(a) They love where they pity.
(b) They do not take offense easily.
(c) They give without hope of return.
(d) They guard their speech.

6. John states that a famous theologian said, "Each of us is an actor on stage and God is the audience." Who was the theologian?
(a) Augustine.
(b) Calvin.
(c) Locke.
(d) Luther.

7. What church holiday does Lila first come to church on?
(a) Epiphany.
(b) Pentecost.
(c) Christmas.
(d) Easter.

8. What did John say was "the last impression I want to have of this world"?
(a) Senility.
(b) War.
(c) Television.
(d) Blindness.

9. What did John's son recite to him twice on John's birthday?
(a) The Lord's Prayer.
(b) The Ten Commandments.
(c) The Beatitudes.
(d) The 23rd Psalm.

10. What is the name of the article John reads in the Ladies' Home Journal?
(a) Loss of the American People.
(b) Fear and the American People.
(c) God and the American People.
(d) War and the American People.

11. What were Jack Boughton's first words to John after he met him in church the first time?
(a) "How 'bout them Yankees?"
(b) "I'm very sorry."
(c) "I don't want to bother you."
(d) "How is my father really doing?"

12. When Jack states that John is in an unconventional marriage himself, what is he referring to?
(a) The fact that Lila has been married before.
(b) The fact that Lila is uneducated.
(c) The fact that Lila is so young.
(d) The fact that Lila is Native American.

13. What was Boughton watching his children, Jack and Glory, do?
(a) Argue.
(b) Clean out closets in the house.
(c) Play catch.
(d) Clear out the iris beds.

14. What hymn writer wrote "Grant me on earth what seems Thee best, Till death and Heav'n reveal the rest"?
(a) Isaac Watts.
(b) John Ames.
(c) Ralph Vaughn Williams.
(d) John Philip Sousa.

15. John tells Jack that it is presumptuous to judge the authenticity of anyone's ______________________ .
(a) Soul.
(b) Religion.
(c) Family.
(d) Beliefs.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Lila respond when he asks her how he could repay her for tending to his garden?

2. What is the topic of the sermon Lila puts by John's bed that was dated June, 1947?

3. What does Jack say he turns to for solace?

4. As a boy, what did Jack do to the John's mailbox?

5. What trait does Jack possess that John states is almost a curse to him?

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