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Gilead, Iowa

The name of the community in which the novel is set.


The state where the narrator's paternal grandfather goes after leaving the family home.

The Cemetery in Kansas

Where the narrator's paternal grandfather is buried.


A common substance which, in the book, can represent the capacity for purification and natural beauty.

Grandfather's Eyes

Physical organs belonging to one of the main characters representing the character's tendency to be sly, watchful, and judgmental.

Grandfather's Gun

This is a souvenir from an encounter between a major character and an opposing soldier during the Civil War, representing that character's capacity for violence.

Grandfather's Shirts

Clothing items belonging to one of the major characters that another character buries.


Written speeches that are a way for three generations of the book's characters to express views and beliefs they can't necessarily live by.

The Church

The building in which...

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