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Lesson 1 (from The Beach)


Anne Morrow Lindbergh. In order to understand this book, "Gift From the Sea," better knowledge about the author's life and what has brought her to this island at this time in her life will be very helpful.

This lesson looks at the author and events of her life.


1. Homework. Students will research Anne Morrow Lindbergh and write a paper on her life especially as it relates to this book, but including other aspects of her life.

2. Class discussion. How has being married to a famous person shaped Anne's adult life? What about her early life might have prepared her for such a high profile marriage? How did the kidnapping of her first child affect her life? What of her husband's career as a famous aviator? Anne's father was also a well known person. How might this have shaped her life?

3. Class Discussion. What would be...

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