Ghost Short Essay - Answer Key

Jason Reynolds
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1. Why is Ghost so fascinated with the Guinness Book of World Records?

Ghost seems to be drawn to both the strangeness of the records people hold—like owning rubber ducks—but also for the fame that comes from holding a record. Ghost says that he would hold a record for eating the most sunflower seeds.

2. What is Ghost’s routine with Mr. Charles?

Every day of the week, Ghost goes to Mr. Charles’ country store, and Mr. Charles says “let me guess, sunflower seeds,” and Ghost answers “lemme guess, one dollar,” at which point they exchange a dollar for seeds (2-3).

3. What is Ghost’s personality like?

Ghost presents himself as a friendly and self-aggrandizing character, who seems to have everything figured out, and believes very strongly in his own greatness.

4. How do sunflower seeds connect Ghost with his father?

Ghost says that his father used to eat sunflower seeds, shaking them in his hand while he watched a ball game, then popping them in his mouth all at once.

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