Ghost Character Descriptions

Jason Reynolds
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Castle ‘Ghost ‘ Crenshaw

This person is the narrator of the novel, a talented runner with a dark incident haunting his past.

Mr. Charles

This person is a storekeeper who is hard of hearing.

Coach Brody

This person is responsible for teaching and mentoring the Defenders track team.

Brandon Simmons

This person is a bully whom the narrator beats up after this person throws a chicken wing at him.


This person is an albino who is a sprinter on the Defenders track team.

Patina (Patty)

This person is a sprinter on the Defenders, who gives the narrator encouragement in his early days after joining the team.


This person is a salesperson at the sporting goods store who helps the main character with shopping for running shoes.

Coach Whit

This person is the woman who helps train the Defenders track team.

Aunt Sophie

This person is related to the...

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