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Short Answer Questions

1. With his remark about the "Friendship Channel," John implies Enid is what?

2. What does John plan to do for Tom?

3. At the beginning of Chapter Five, what type of joke does Enid tell?

4. What type of music is playing at Hubba Hubba's?

5. What sport do Enid and Rebecca partake in, during Chapter Eight, Part One?

Short Essay Questions

1. After kissing Josh, Enid pretends to feel what for him, in front of Rebecca?

2. When Enid's father tries to offer comfort when she is crying, how does Enid respond?

3. John Ellis makes fun of Enid about what?

4. in Chapter Six, why are Enid and Rebecca disappointed with Angels?

5. Why is John Ellis going on a talk show?

6. Once Enid takes the college entry test, what are the next steps in the college entry process?

7. What is the atmosphere like in Hubba Hubba?

8. When Enid goes to Josh's apartment alone, what happens?

9. Why are Enid and Rebecca horrified when Melorra suggests they should hang out with her?

10. Why do Enid and Rebecca leave a message for "Bearded Windbreaker"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Enid chooses to go to college, she hides this information from Rebecca. Write an essay examining why Enid chooses to hide this information and how it affects her friendship with Rebecca.

Essay Topic 2

The battle between joining the corporate world and remaining on the fringe of society is a prominent theme in "Ghost World". Write an essay examining this theme in the graphic novel and how the various characters are affected by this.

Essay Topic 3

When Enid hosts a garage sale, she is unwilling to sell one of her favorite childhood toys to a man she doesn't like but is quick to abandon the sale, leaving everything at risk for theft.

1) Why was Enid unwilling to sell "Goofie Gus"?

2) How might the struggle against this emotional detachment result in abandoning the sale?

3) Why does Enid run home at the end of the day, hoping nothing has been stolen from her sale?

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