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Short Answer Questions

1. Since Enid and Josh kissed, Rebecca is convinced that Josh what?

2. Rebecca and Enid want to set Josh up with whom?

3. In a note, what do Rebecca and Enid accuse Josh of being?

4. What does Enid call John after he insults her for being Jewish?

5. In Chapter Six, Rebecca is scared Enid will what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are Enid and Rebecca horrified when Melorra suggests they should hang out with her?

2. How does Rebecca respond when she learns that Enid wants to go to college?

3. After Enid's fight with Rebecca, Enid's father does what to try and cheer Enid?

4. What unusual family dynamic did Enid grow up with and how did it affect her?

5. Why does Enid love Hubba Hubba?

6. Why does Enid take driving lessons?

7. John Ellis makes fun of Enid about what?

8. Why do Rebecca and Enid go to Josh's apartment to watch the talk show John Ellis is on?

9. Why is John Ellis going on a talk show?

10. Why is Enid ambivalent on politics?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Enid chooses to go to college, she hides this information from Rebecca. Write an essay examining why Enid chooses to hide this information and how it affects her friendship with Rebecca.

Essay Topic 2

Although she talks about sex frequently, Enid's actual sexual experience is limited. Answer the following questions:

1) What is Enid's experience with sex?

2) Why does Enid claim to be sexually frustrated?

3) What does Enid due to expose herself to sex?

Essay Topic 3

At the beginning of "Ghost World", Rebecca and Enid spend much of their time making fun of other people. They do this to create an emotional detachment from their relationships and the world around them. Write an essay examining this idea of emotional detachment as a coping strategy, taking a stand on why the girls choose to live their life in this fashion.

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