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Short Answer Questions

1. What promises are made regarding Hampton Hayes?

2. What occupation did Enid think was attractive when she was thirteen?

3. What did John Crowley once paint on the car belonging to Enid's father?

4. What age does John Crowley plan to retire?

5. The men who know Bob Skeetes insinuate he is what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Josh embarrassed to be inside the sex shop with Enid?

2. Why does Enid refer to the comedian on television as their god?

3. Why does Enid share the story of Rebecca's virginity with others?

4. Why does Enid claim to dislike the magazine Rebecca is reading at the beginning of Chapter One?

5. When Rebecca and Enid judge the comedian who tells macabre jokes, is this unusual behavior for the two girls?

6. Why does Enid suggest that large breasts result in what type of personality?

7. How does Enid respond to Rebecca's teasing regarding John Ellis?

8. Why is Enid relieved to find "Goofie Gus" has not been stolen?

9. Why does Enid struggle with her new look?

10. Why do boys fail to ask Enid or Rebecca out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the beginning of "Ghost World", Rebecca and Enid spend much of their time making fun of other people. They do this to create an emotional detachment from their relationships and the world around them. Write an essay examining this idea of emotional detachment as a coping strategy, taking a stand on why the girls choose to live their life in this fashion.

Essay Topic 2

The relationship between Josh, Enid and Rebecca becomes complicated. Take a stance on why Josh chooses to date Rebecca, in spite of his obvious affection for Enid, citing examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay supporting or refuting the following statement, citing examples from the text: Enid is in love with Rebecca, on more than a friendship level.

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