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Short Answer Questions

1. Following Enid's garage sale, what time do Enid and Rebecca get to Angels?

2. According to Enid, the comedian looks like Rebecca's what?

3. What does Bob Skeetes offer Enid at her garage sale?

4. How long was the love letter Allen Weinstein wrote to Enid?

5. The two girls think the comedian on television is what?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Rebecca and Enid judge the comedian who tells macabre jokes, is this unusual behavior for the two girls?

2. Why is it ironic that Rebecca worries about "some creep" falling in love with her?

3. Enid believed Alan Weinstein was into the hippie culture due to what?

4. Why does Josh go to the sex shop with Enid?

5. Why does Rebecca decide not to follow Enid to Strathmore?

6. What is Rebecca's response to Enid's suggestion that they become lesbians?

7. Why does Enid want to be a "totally different person"?

8. How does Enid feel about the prospect of spending time with Bob Skeetes?

9. When Enid goes to Josh's apartment alone, what happens?

10. Why does Rebecca feel betrayed when she learns Enid plans to go to college?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Enid has several odd relationship with men throughout "Ghost World". Examine the relationship between Enid and one of the following characters, using examples from the text.

1) Enid and Josh.

2) Enid and Bob Skeetes.

3) Enid and her father.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay supporting or refuting the following statement, citing examples from the text: Enid is in love with Rebecca, on more than a friendship level.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay examining the deterioration of the friendship between Rebecca and Enid. Use the following questions as prompts.

1) At the beginning of "Ghost World", what was the relationship between Rebecca and Enid?

2) What were some factors that drove Rebecca and Enid apart?

3) Why did Rebecca and Enid choose to stop being friends, in spite of their history?

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