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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight, Part Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Melorra's commercial, what does she say about voting?
(a) It's her first time.
(b) It's a waste of time.
(c) It's boring.
(d) It's exciting.

2. What did the "Bearded Windbreaker" find attractive about the woman in the missed connection?
(a) Red hair.
(b) Fur coat.
(c) Her laugh.
(d) Flamboyant shoes.

3. With his remark about the "Friendship Channel," John implies Enid is what?
(a) Friendly.
(b) Cheap.
(c) Exceptional.
(d) Star material.

4. When Enid shows up at Josh's apartment alone for the first time, he offers her a what?
(a) Joint.
(b) Drink.
(c) Bus ticket.
(d) Piece of pie.

5. What are Rebecca and Enid looking at in the beginning of Chapter Seven?
(a) Enid's attack.
(b) The neighborhood boy.
(c) The Internet.
(d) Old photos.

Short Answer Questions

1. Enid takes a special class to learn how to do what?

2. In Chapter Eight, Part Two, Rebecca worries that she's what?

3. After changing her look, Enid is upset to learn who is home?

4. Where is Enid's VCR?

5. John believes the Jewish population is what?

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