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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


Chapter One

Enid and Rebecca are best friends. Yet, much of their relationship is spent criticizing one another. The purpose of this lesson is to understand the relationship between Enid and Rebecca.


1) Class Discussion: When Rebecca and Enid talk to each other, what do they talk about? Do they speak personally? How do they treat each other? What are some examples of this? Why do they treat each other the way that they do?

2) Group Activity: Divide each class into four groups. Have each group create a character profile of both Enid and Rebecca, comparing their difference and similarities. Each group will share their profiles in front of the class. Follow up discussion: What types of things do Enid and Rebecca have in common?

3) Group Activity: Dive the class into pairs. Have each group identify ten remarks between the girls that could be considered insulting...

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