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Chapter One

• Enid and Rebecca watch television and make fun of the announcers.

• Enid tells Rebecca a story from when she went to Angels, the local diner.

• At Angels, Enid runs into a former classmate, John Ellis.

• John Ellis is with a former priest who is into child pornography.

• Enid is horrified but John Ellis supports his friend.

• Enid also tells Rebecca about a couple she believes are Satanists.

• Rebecca clicks through the television as Enid reads fashion magazines.

Chapter Two

• Enid holds a yard sale.

• Enid refuses to sell her childhood doll, "Goofie Gus".

• Enid tells Rebecca that Bob Skeetes, a creepy astrologer from Angels, came by her garage sale.

• Rebecca convinces Enid to go to Angels.

• Enid abandons the garage sale to go the diner with her.

• At Angels, the two girls bump into Melorra, a high school acquaintance.

• Melorra is working for Greenpeace and auditioning...

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