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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri travelled by what means?
(a) Camels.
(b) Small passenger helicopters.
(c) 4x4s marked as ambulances.
(d) Luxury SUVs.

2. Some of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombers belong to al-Qaeda sleeper cells in Africa, and all were trained where?
(a) Yemen.
(b) Iran.
(c) Pakistan.
(d) Afghanistan.

3. Unocal sent which two individuals to negotiate the pipeline?
(a) Tony Lake, Marty Miller.
(b) Sandy Berger, Tony Lake.
(c) John Imle, Sandy Berger.
(d) Marty Miller, John Imle.

4. Tenet's reform program for the CIA did what?
(a) De-emphasized covert actions, emphasized intelligence gathering.
(b) Emphasized covert actions, de-emphasized intelligence gathering.
(c) De-emphasized covert actions, intelligence gathering.
(d) Emphasized both covert actions, intelligence gathering.

5. Sudan was told the Khartoum embassy would close given their terrorist support, but what was one step it could take?
(a) Expel bin Laden to Yemen.
(b) Expel bin Laden to Saudi Arabia.
(c) Provide information on bin Laden and his followers.
(d) Expel bin Laden to Romania.

6. When Massoud was cornered in northern Afghanistan, what was the result of his requests for aid?
(a) U.S. provided.
(b) U.S. did not provide.
(c) Saudi Arabia provided.
(d) Saudi Arabia did not provide.

7. Where did the Hamburg cell, as it was known, coalesce?
(a) A coffee shop back room.
(b) A gymnasium back room.
(c) A shabby hotel room.
(d) A shabby mosque.

8. Six weeks after Massoud took Kabul, what was first on a list of strict rules imposed by religious police?
(a) Unmarried females could not appear in public alone.
(b) Women washing clothes in a river were sent home.
(c) Tailors displaying fashion magazines were jailed.
(d) Taxis must not stop for women without full burqa.

9. Shortly into 2000, the Counterterrorist Center picked up information that bin Laden had arrived in what location?
(a) Jaji Camp.
(b) Jalalabad Camp.
(c) Derunta Camp.
(d) Zawhar Kili Camp.

10. Views differ on what was said, but instead of Saudis, Sudanese spoke with bin Laden and he moved where?
(a) Pakistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.
(b) Pakistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(c) Afghanistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.
(d) Afghanistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.

11. Which former Clinton lobbyist was hired by Pervz Musharraf to assure the White House his outlook was liberal?
(a) Leonard D. Jarvis.
(b) Lenny J. David.
(c) Leon J. Davis.
(d) Lanny J. Davis.

12. Government lawyers debated for months under what circumstances lethal force was legal and when it constituted what?
(a) War.
(b) Defense.
(c) Assassination.
(d) National security.

13. When had the White House counterterrorist group grown frustrated with intelligence reports on bin Laden's whereabouts?
(a) Late spring, 2000.
(b) Late summer, 2000.
(c) Early summer, 2000.
(d) Early fall, 2000.

14. Plans were made for Ahmed to visit the U.S. when?
(a) Late September 2001.
(b) Mid-September 2001.
(c) Early October 2001.
(d) Early September 2001.

15. In 2000, the White House counterterrorism head asked which acquaintance to address the bin Laden intelligence problem?
(a) Scott Frye.
(b) Christopher F. Allen.
(c) Charles Allen.
(d) Charles Alan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Madeleine Albright and who else declared publicly multiple times the U.S. would align with no side in Afghan's war?

2. Unocal wanted to build a pipeline from what location through Kandahar to Pakistan?

3. Where on his inventory of threats the U.S. faced did Tenet rank bin Laden in 1999?

4. When Bush becomes the President, what was one of the initial changes made at the CIA?

5. How many casualties resulted in these two U.S. embassy attacks in Africa?

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