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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The CIA suspected Pakistani intelligence worked with bin Laden and trained recruits to fight where?
(a) Kashubi.
(b) Kashmir.
(c) Kashgar.
(d) Kashan.

2. Uzbekistan, which is bordered to the south by Afghanistan, was ruled by which individual in 1999?
(a) Amrullah Saleh.
(b) Islam Karimov.
(c) Hamid Karzai.
(d) Massoud Khalili.

3. So this second prisoner would be kept alive, the tribe was to hold him in a cave for how long until Americans came?
(a) 90 days.
(b) 1 year.
(c) 180 days.
(d) 30 days.

4. Equipment the CIA outfitted the Afghan tribal fighters with to use in their search for Kasi included what?
(a) Tracking, locating equipment that used satellites.
(b) Infrared electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications.
(c) Infrared night-vision goggles.
(d) Heat-seeking, tracking equipment that used radar.

5. The CIA and State Department issued what alert shortly after bin Laden helped publish a joint manifesto?
(a) Bin Laden required a medium priority.
(b) Bin Laden required a high priority.
(c) Bin Laden required a low priority.
(d) Bin Laden required no priority.

6. Who published a joint manifesto with bin Laden that declared the U.S. as the enemy in 1998?
(a) Aburrashid Dostum.
(b) Abdullah Azzam.
(c) Ayman al-Zawahiri.
(d) Mohammed Atef.

7. According to Chapter 26, Kahlid al Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi met in which capital?
(a) Kuala Lumpur.
(b) Sana'a.
(c) Kuwait City.
(d) Amman.

8. The CIA hired Afghan tribal fighters to find Kasi, who attacked Langley in 1993, and who is captured when?
(a) 21 December 1996.
(b) December 1997.
(c) 29 June 1998.
(d) 15 June 1997.

9. On 7 August 1998 a devastating terrorist attack against U.S. embassies took place in which two African capitals?
(a) Nairobi, Rabat.
(b) Cairo, Dar es Salaam.
(c) Cairo, Rabat.
(d) Nairobi, Dar es Salaam.

10. Where on his inventory of threats the U.S. faced did Tenet rank bin Laden in 1999?
(a) 1.
(b) 4.
(c) 3.
(d) 2.

11. Since the equipment was already in place, the CIA decided to use it for whose capture?
(a) Massoud Khalili.
(b) Ahmed Shah Massoud.
(c) Mullah Mohammed Omar.
(d) Osama bin Laden.

12. Where did U.S. ships and submarines with missiles wait to receive the coordinates of bin Laden's location?
(a) Andaman Sea.
(b) Arabian Sea.
(c) Aral Sea.
(d) Caspian Sea.

13. Shortly into 2000, the Counterterrorist Center picked up information that bin Laden had arrived in what location?
(a) Jalalabad Camp.
(b) Derunta Camp.
(c) Zawhar Kili Camp.
(d) Jaji Camp.

14. Tenet's reform program for the CIA did what?
(a) De-emphasized covert actions, emphasized intelligence gathering.
(b) Emphasized covert actions, de-emphasized intelligence gathering.
(c) De-emphasized covert actions, intelligence gathering.
(d) Emphasized both covert actions, intelligence gathering.

15. Which former Clinton lobbyist was hired by Pervz Musharraf to assure the White House his outlook was liberal?
(a) Leonard D. Jarvis.
(b) Lenny J. David.
(c) Lanny J. Davis.
(d) Leon J. Davis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which nation agreed Predator drones could be flown from one of its air bases while controlled from Langley?

2. The Hamburg cell, which derived its name from the German city it met in, included which members?

3. Which two al-Qaeda operatives arrested around the 2000 New Year planned to carry out terrorist attacks?

4. In each case that the Clinton Cabinet considered cruise missile strikes, what was a decisive problem?

5. Sudan was told the Khartoum embassy would close given their terrorist support, but what was one step it could take?

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