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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On 7 August 1998 a devastating terrorist attack against U.S. embassies took place in which two African capitals?
(a) Cairo, Rabat.
(b) Nairobi, Dar es Salaam.
(c) Nairobi, Rabat.
(d) Cairo, Dar es Salaam.

2. Since the equipment was already in place, the CIA decided to use it for whose capture?
(a) Massoud Khalili.
(b) Ahmed Shah Massoud.
(c) Osama bin Laden.
(d) Mullah Mohammed Omar.

3. The CIA and State Department issued what alert shortly after bin Laden helped publish a joint manifesto?
(a) Bin Laden required a medium priority.
(b) Bin Laden required a low priority.
(c) Bin Laden required no priority.
(d) Bin Laden required a high priority.

4. Who headed the Pakistani army from 1998 to 1999?
(a) General Pervez Musharraf.
(b) General Naseem Rana.
(c) General Hamid Gulr.
(d) General Mahmoud Ahmed.

5. When did the Northern Alliance lose Taloqan to the Taliban?
(a) December 2000.
(b) March 2000.
(c) June 2000.
(d) September 2000.

6. Which nation agreed Predator drones could be flown from one of its air bases while controlled from Langley?
(a) Tajikistan.
(b) Uzbekistan.
(c) Turkmenistan.
(d) Kazakhstan.

7. With whom did the Turkmenistan government make their deal?
(a) Bulgheroni, with Washington support.
(b) Unocal, with Washington support.
(c) Unocal, without Washington support.
(d) Bulgheroni, without Washington support.

8. How did Coll describe the relationship between Black and Pillar?
(a) "Not a natural partner."
(b) A tight and natural partner."
(c) "Skeptical of each other's approach."
(d) Distrusting of each other."

9. Unocal wanted to build a pipeline from what location through Kandahar to Pakistan?
(a) Kazakhstan.
(b) Turkmenistan.
(c) Tajikistan.
(d) Uzbekistan.

10. By when had bin Laden moved his operations to the south to Kandahar?
(a) November 1996.
(b) May 1996.
(c) November 1995.
(d) May 1995.

11. How did those at Langley react when a Taliban Mig was monitored as it headed straight toward a Predator drone?
(a) Half stepped aside instinctively as it passed.
(b) They were silent for several minutes.
(c) Half ducked instinctively as it passed.
(d) Half looked away instinctively as it passed.

12. Sudan was told the Khartoum embassy would close given their terrorist support, but what was one step it could take?
(a) Expel bin Laden to Yemen.
(b) Expel bin Laden to Saudi Arabia.
(c) Provide information on bin Laden and his followers.
(d) Expel bin Laden to Romania.

13. A commando raid on bin Laden was not pursued because it was thought that a failed attack with civilian casualties would yield what?
(a) Raise opposition in Africa and Asia.
(b) Raise opposition in Europe.
(c) Raise bin Laden's stature in Islamic world.
(d) Raise opposition in international community.

14. Views differ on what was said, but instead of Saudis, Sudanese spoke with bin Laden and he moved where?
(a) Afghanistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(b) Afghanistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.
(c) Pakistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(d) Pakistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.

15. By early 1999, Tenet was certain that bin Laden would be capable of striking the U.S. at what point?
(a) Spring 2000.
(b) Any time.
(c) Summer 1999.
(d) Winter 1999.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two al-Qaeda operatives arrested around the 2000 New Year planned to carry out terrorist attacks?

2. Prince Turki advised whom to ensure the Taliban understood bin Laden must be expelled to keep good relations?

3. Shortly into 2000, the Counterterrorist Center picked up information that bin Laden had arrived in what location?

4. Which nation did not meet multilateral lending requirements for the pipeline at that time?

5. When Deutch quit as CIA director after merely 19 months, the president attempted to nominate which individual?

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