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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Prince Turki advised whom to ensure the Taliban understood bin Laden must be expelled to keep good relations?
(a) Mullah Rabbani.
(b) Mullah Omar.
(c) Mohammed Atef.
(d) Mohammed Fahim.

2. By when had bin Laden moved his operations to the south to Kandahar?
(a) November 1996.
(b) November 1995.
(c) May 1996.
(d) May 1995.

3. Who published a joint manifesto with bin Laden that declared the U.S. as the enemy in 1998?
(a) Aburrashid Dostum.
(b) Ayman al-Zawahiri.
(c) Mohammed Atef.
(d) Abdullah Azzam.

4. Where did the Hamburg cell, as it was known, coalesce?
(a) A coffee shop back room.
(b) A shabby hotel room.
(c) A shabby mosque.
(d) A gymnasium back room.

5. When Massoud was cornered in northern Afghanistan, what was the result of his requests for aid?
(a) Saudi Arabia did not provide.
(b) Saudi Arabia provided.
(c) U.S. provided.
(d) U.S. did not provide.

6. Marwan al-Shehhi told which librarian thousands would die at the World Trade Center, but he did not seem serious?
(a) Heidi Pfennig.
(b) Lydia Himmler.
(c) Martha Schmidt.
(d) Angela Duile.

7. The CIA prevented surprise attacks through analysis of information they distributed in reports to avoid what?
(a) Embarrassing the President during impeachment hearings.
(b) Embarrassing CIA during impeachment hearings.
(c) Weakening the Presidency during impeachment hearings.
(d) Weakening CIA during impeachment hearings.

8. On 7 August 1998 a devastating terrorist attack against U.S. embassies took place in which two African capitals?
(a) Cairo, Rabat.
(b) Nairobi, Rabat.
(c) Nairobi, Dar es Salaam.
(d) Cairo, Dar es Salaam.

9. So this second prisoner would be kept alive, the tribe was to hold him in a cave for how long until Americans came?
(a) 180 days.
(b) 90 days.
(c) 1 year.
(d) 30 days.

10. Who met Mahmoud Ahmed in the spring of 2001 and advised Pakistan could do much more in the fight with bin Laden?
(a) Bush.
(b) Tenet.
(c) Schroen.
(d) Black.

11. Tenet was frustrated by what attention the Clinton Cabinet provided the al Qaeda threat?
(a) "Ignored."
(b) "Too late."
(c) "Minimal."
(d) "On-and-off."

12. The CIA hired Afghan tribal fighters to find Kasi, who attacked Langley in 1993, and who is captured when?
(a) 29 June 1998.
(b) 15 June 1997.
(c) 21 December 1996.
(d) December 1997.

13. A commando raid on bin Laden was not pursued because it was thought that a failed attack with civilian casualties would yield what?
(a) Raise opposition in international community.
(b) Raise bin Laden's stature in Islamic world.
(c) Raise opposition in Africa and Asia.
(d) Raise opposition in Europe.

14. Bin Laden practiced operational security that was intensive and he was cautious of what?
(a) Computers.
(b) Radio communication.
(c) Couriers.
(d) Telephones.

15. When did the Northern Alliance lose Taloqan to the Taliban?
(a) March 2000.
(b) December 2000.
(c) June 2000.
(d) September 2000.

Short Answer Questions

1. Six weeks after Massoud took Kabul, what was first on a list of strict rules imposed by religious police?

2. Which two al-Qaeda operatives arrested around the 2000 New Year planned to carry out terrorist attacks?

3. Unocal wanted to build a pipeline from what location through Kandahar to Pakistan?

4. How many casualties resulted in these two U.S. embassy attacks in Africa?

5. Who was the White House national security adviser between 1993 and 1997?

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