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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first CIA Northern Afghanistan Liaison Team (NALT-1) flew by what means from Dushanbe to the Panjshir Valley in 1997?
(a) Massoud's helicopters.
(b) U.S. Army helicopters.
(c) U.S. Air Force helicopters.
(d) U.S. Marine Corps helicopters.

2. Who published a joint manifesto with bin Laden that declared the U.S. as the enemy in 1998?
(a) Abdullah Azzam.
(b) Mohammed Atef.
(c) Aburrashid Dostum.
(d) Ayman al-Zawahiri.

3. Madeleine Albright and who else declared publicly multiple times the U.S. would align with no side in Afghan's war?
(a) Richard Clarke, Tom Simons.
(b) Tom Pickering, Tom Simons
(c) Karl F. "Rick" Inderfurth, Tom Pickering.
(d) Richard Clarke, Karl F. "Rick" Inderfurth.

4. Which former Clinton lobbyist was hired by Pervz Musharraf to assure the White House his outlook was liberal?
(a) Lenny J. David.
(b) Leonard D. Jarvis.
(c) Leon J. Davis.
(d) Lanny J. Davis.

5. George Tenet became CIA director in what year?
(a) 1996.
(b) 1998.
(c) 1997.
(d) 1995.

6. On 7 August 1998 a devastating terrorist attack against U.S. embassies took place in which two African capitals?
(a) Cairo, Rabat.
(b) Nairobi, Dar es Salaam.
(c) Cairo, Dar es Salaam.
(d) Nairobi, Rabat.

7. Who was the White House national security adviser between 1993 and 1997?
(a) Anthony "Tony" Lake.
(b) Zbigniew Brzezinski.
(c) Samuel L. "Sandy" Berger.
(d) Richard Clarke.

8. In addition to the Zawhar Kili camp, the U.S. used missiles where?
(a) Terrorist camp complexes in northern Pakistan.
(b) Bin Laden properties in the Sudan.
(c) Terrorist camp complexes in northern Afghanistan.
(d) Terrorist camp complexes in western Pakistan.

9. When had the White House counterterrorist group grown frustrated with intelligence reports on bin Laden's whereabouts?
(a) Late summer, 2000.
(b) Early summer, 2000.
(c) Late spring, 2000.
(d) Early fall, 2000.

10. Who headed the Pakistani army from 1998 to 1999?
(a) General Pervez Musharraf.
(b) General Hamid Gulr.
(c) General Mahmoud Ahmed.
(d) General Naseem Rana.

11. Equipment the CIA outfitted the Afghan tribal fighters with to use in their search for Kasi included what?
(a) Tracking, locating equipment that used satellites.
(b) Infrared night-vision goggles.
(c) Heat-seeking, tracking equipment that used radar.
(d) Infrared electromagnetic spectrum for wireless communications.

12. One report received was a plot against Massoud that involved an assassin dispatched to place what in his shoes?
(a) Acetylsalicylic acid.
(b) Antacid.
(c) Anthrax.
(d) Boron nitride.

13. A 1998 memorandum of notification signed by whom authorized CIA agents to use lethal force to capture bin Laden?
(a) Woolsey.
(b) Deutch.
(c) Tenet.
(d) Bill Clinton.

14. The U.S. did not support Massoud but kept their contacts, as the official position would change if al-Qaeda attacked where?
(a) In Europe.
(b) In Canada.
(c) In South America.
(d) In the U.S.

15. After the USS Cole attack, what was Bush's response when asked if terrorist-hosting nations should be subject to retaliation?
(a) He would act "swiftly and harshly" in response.
(b) He would "await the arrival" of the Navy investigation.
(c) He would not "play his hand" on that issue.
(d) He would have assess "all the pieces" before he moved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which nation did not meet multilateral lending requirements for the pipeline at that time?

2. Where on his inventory of threats the U.S. faced did Tenet rank bin Laden in 1999?

3. The CIA prevented surprise attacks through analysis of information they distributed in reports to avoid what?

4. How did those at Langley react when a Taliban Mig was monitored as it headed straight toward a Predator drone?

5. What was the response to information provided by Pillar's Counterterrorist Center?

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