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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Unocal sent which two individuals to negotiate the pipeline?
(a) Sandy Berger, Tony Lake.
(b) Marty Miller, John Imle.
(c) Tony Lake, Marty Miller.
(d) John Imle, Sandy Berger.

2. Unocal wanted to build a pipeline from what location through Kandahar to Pakistan?
(a) Turkmenistan.
(b) Kazakhstan.
(c) Tajikistan.
(d) Uzbekistan.

3. Shortly into 2000, the Counterterrorist Center picked up information that bin Laden had arrived in what location?
(a) Jaji Camp.
(b) Jalalabad Camp.
(c) Derunta Camp.
(d) Zawhar Kili Camp.

4. Prince Turki advised whom to ensure the Taliban understood bin Laden must be expelled to keep good relations?
(a) Mohammed Atef.
(b) Mullah Omar.
(c) Mohammed Fahim.
(d) Mullah Rabbani.

5. Who was the ISI head from 1998 to 1999?
(a) General Asad Durrani.
(b) General Javed Ashraf Qazi.
(c) General Akhtar Abdur Rahman.
(d) General Khwaja Ziauddin.

6. Tenet was frustrated by what attention the Clinton Cabinet provided the al Qaeda threat?
(a) "On-and-off."
(b) "Minimal."
(c) "Too late."
(d) "Ignored."

7. When Bush becomes the President, what was one of the initial changes made at the CIA?
(a) Official position on Afghanistan changed.
(b) Obtain support for Massoud.
(c) Official position on Taliban changed.
(d) Predator flights were resumed.

8. One report received was a plot against Massoud that involved an assassin dispatched to place what in his shoes?
(a) Anthrax.
(b) Antacid.
(c) Boron nitride.
(d) Acetylsalicylic acid.

9. Argentine oilman Carlos Bulgheroni had the same idea as Unocal and had whose support?
(a) Prince Bandar al-Faisal.
(b) King Fahd.
(c) King Faisal.
(d) Prince Turki al-Faisal.

10. When had the White House counterterrorist group grown frustrated with intelligence reports on bin Laden's whereabouts?
(a) Early fall, 2000.
(b) Late spring, 2000.
(c) Early summer, 2000.
(d) Late summer, 2000.

11. The CIA prevented surprise attacks through analysis of information they distributed in reports to avoid what?
(a) Embarrassing the President during impeachment hearings.
(b) Embarrassing CIA during impeachment hearings.
(c) Weakening the Presidency during impeachment hearings.
(d) Weakening CIA during impeachment hearings.

12. In addition to the Zawhar Kili camp, the U.S. used missiles where?
(a) Terrorist camp complexes in western Pakistan.
(b) Terrorist camp complexes in northern Pakistan.
(c) Terrorist camp complexes in northern Afghanistan.
(d) Bin Laden properties in the Sudan.

13. How did those at Langley react when a Taliban Mig was monitored as it headed straight toward a Predator drone?
(a) They were silent for several minutes.
(b) Half ducked instinctively as it passed.
(c) Half looked away instinctively as it passed.
(d) Half stepped aside instinctively as it passed.

14. In what year was Bhutto ousted from office and Nawaz Sharif became prime minister?
(a) 1997
(b) 1999.
(c) 1996.
(d) 1998.

15. Pakistan recognized the Taliban as its government without Sharif knowing, and days later the Taliban was expelled from where?
(a) Northern Afghanistan.
(b) Western Afghanistan.
(c) Eastern Afghanistan.
(d) Southern Afghanistan.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chapter 19, what nations did Massoud engage in locating sponsors?

2. The CIA's Counterterrorist Center established a new office dedicated to bin Laden in what year?

3. A commando raid on bin Laden was not pursued because it was thought that a failed attack with civilian casualties would yield what?

4. The Hamburg cell, which derived its name from the German city it met in, included which members?

5. Where on his inventory of threats the U.S. faced did Tenet rank bin Laden in 1999?

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