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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A 1998 memorandum of notification signed by whom authorized CIA agents to use lethal force to capture bin Laden?
(a) Woolsey.
(b) Bill Clinton.
(c) Tenet.
(d) Deutch.

2. How did the author describe Clinton's view of the CIA as an institution?
(a) "Skeptical."
(b) "Trusting."
(c) "Accepting."
(d) "Non-accepting"

3. By early 1999, Tenet was certain that bin Laden would be capable of striking the U.S. at what point?
(a) Winter 1999.
(b) Summer 1999.
(c) Spring 2000.
(d) Any time.

4. Views differ on what was said, but instead of Saudis, Sudanese spoke with bin Laden and he moved where?
(a) Pakistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(b) Afghanistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(c) Pakistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.
(d) Afghanistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.

5. Six weeks after Massoud took Kabul, what was first on a list of strict rules imposed by religious police?
(a) Women washing clothes in a river were sent home.
(b) Taxis must not stop for women without full burqa.
(c) Unmarried females could not appear in public alone.
(d) Tailors displaying fashion magazines were jailed.

6. How did those at Langley react when a Taliban Mig was monitored as it headed straight toward a Predator drone?
(a) Half stepped aside instinctively as it passed.
(b) Half looked away instinctively as it passed.
(c) They were silent for several minutes.
(d) Half ducked instinctively as it passed.

7. Government lawyers debated for months under what circumstances lethal force was legal and when it constituted what?
(a) Defense.
(b) Assassination.
(c) War.
(d) National security.

8. According to Chapter 26, Kahlid al Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi met in which capital?
(a) Kuala Lumpur.
(b) Amman.
(c) Kuwait City.
(d) Sana'a.

9. Tenet's reform program for the CIA did what?
(a) De-emphasized covert actions, emphasized intelligence gathering.
(b) De-emphasized covert actions, intelligence gathering.
(c) Emphasized covert actions, de-emphasized intelligence gathering.
(d) Emphasized both covert actions, intelligence gathering.

10. In each case that the Clinton Cabinet considered cruise missile strikes, what was a decisive problem?
(a) Absolute certainty as to bin Laden's location.
(b) Uncertainty of number of civilian deaths.
(c) Potential collateral damage.
(d) Conflict against terrorism not a declared war.

11. Which nation agreed Predator drones could be flown from one of its air bases while controlled from Langley?
(a) Uzbekistan.
(b) Turkmenistan.
(c) Tajikistan.
(d) Kazakhstan.

12. When Bush becomes the President, what was one of the initial changes made at the CIA?
(a) Official position on Afghanistan changed.
(b) Obtain support for Massoud.
(c) Predator flights were resumed.
(d) Official position on Taliban changed.

13. How did Coll describe the relationship between Black and Pillar?
(a) "Skeptical of each other's approach."
(b) A tight and natural partner."
(c) "Not a natural partner."
(d) Distrusting of each other."

14. How many casualties resulted in these two U.S. embassy attacks in Africa?
(a) Over 100 killed, over 450 injured.
(b) Over 150 killed, over 600 injured.
(c) Over 200 killed, over 4,000 injured.
(d) Over 300 killed, over 1,500 injured.

15. On 7 August 1998 a devastating terrorist attack against U.S. embassies took place in which two African capitals?
(a) Cairo, Dar es Salaam.
(b) Nairobi, Rabat.
(c) Cairo, Rabat.
(d) Nairobi, Dar es Salaam.

Short Answer Questions

1. The U.S. did not support Massoud but kept their contacts, as the official position would change if al-Qaeda attacked where?

2. A commando raid on bin Laden was not pursued because it was thought that a failed attack with civilian casualties would yield what?

3. When Ziauddin fell from power, which CIA branch lost an ally?

4. What is the purpose of the CIA?

5. Where did the CIA stand in regard to Black's enthusiasm in favor of armed drones?

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