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Steve Coll
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Massoud felt he had recovered some political and military momentum in opposition to the Taliban by what point?
(a) Winter 1999.
(b) Spring 2000.
(c) Summer 2000.
(d) Autumn 2000.

2. Views differ on what was said, but instead of Saudis, Sudanese spoke with bin Laden and he moved where?
(a) Afghanistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(b) Pakistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.
(c) Pakistan, to an area controlled by the Taliban.
(d) Afghanistan, to an area not controlled by the Taliban.

3. How did Coll describe the relationship between Black and Pillar?
(a) Distrusting of each other."
(b) "Skeptical of each other's approach."
(c) "Not a natural partner."
(d) A tight and natural partner."

4. Government lawyers debated for months under what circumstances lethal force was legal and when it constituted what?
(a) War.
(b) Defense.
(c) National security.
(d) Assassination.

5. Who was the ISI head from 1998 to 1999?
(a) General Khwaja Ziauddin.
(b) General Javed Ashraf Qazi.
(c) General Asad Durrani.
(d) General Akhtar Abdur Rahman.

6. Argentine oilman Carlos Bulgheroni had the same idea as Unocal and had whose support?
(a) King Faisal.
(b) Prince Turki al-Faisal.
(c) Prince Bandar al-Faisal.
(d) King Fahd.

7. By fall of 1998, who seemed an ideal CIA partner at the Pentagon given his extensive Special Forces experience?
(a) General Shelton Hughes.
(b) General Hugo Sheraton.
(c) General Hugh Sheldon.
(d) General Hugh Shelton.

8. When Bush becomes the President, what was one of the initial changes made at the CIA?
(a) Predator flights were resumed.
(b) Official position on Afghanistan changed.
(c) Official position on Taliban changed.
(d) Obtain support for Massoud.

9. Pakistan recognized the Taliban as its government without Sharif knowing, and days later the Taliban was expelled from where?
(a) Western Afghanistan.
(b) Northern Afghanistan.
(c) Southern Afghanistan.
(d) Eastern Afghanistan.

10. The U.S. was to accept severe social regulations imposed by the Taliban for what reason?
(a) U.S. had no authority on Islamic law imposition.
(b) Islamic laws were likely to be overthrown.
(c) Regulations were founded on religious Islamic law.
(d) Regulations resulted in peace for most of the country.

11. Massoud's group was suspicious of the U.S. and its relationship to the Taliban, but who was his one CIA link?
(a) Milton Bearden.
(b) Howard Hart.
(c) William Piekney.
(d) Gary Schroen.

12. By early 1999, Tenet was certain that bin Laden would be capable of striking the U.S. at what point?
(a) Spring 2000.
(b) Summer 1999.
(c) Any time.
(d) Winter 1999.

13. When had the White House counterterrorist group grown frustrated with intelligence reports on bin Laden's whereabouts?
(a) Late spring, 2000.
(b) Late summer, 2000.
(c) Early fall, 2000.
(d) Early summer, 2000.

14. The CIA's Counterterrorist Center established a new office dedicated to bin Laden in what year?
(a) 1997.
(b) 1998.
(c) 1995.
(d) 1996.

15. According to Chapter 19, what nations did Massoud engage in locating sponsors?
(a) India, Yemen.
(b) India, Iran.
(c) Iran, Iraq.
(d) Iraq, Yemen.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Massoud was cornered in northern Afghanistan, what was the result of his requests for aid?

2. How did the author describe Clinton's view of the CIA as an institution?

3. Bin Laden practiced operational security that was intensive and he was cautious of what?

4. Richard Clarke's White House counterterrorist group usually pressed for what type of tactics against bin Laden?

5. The Hamburg cell, which derived its name from the German city it met in, included which members?

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