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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Geruthe break the embrace with Fengon?

2. What is Horvendil thinking of doing with Corambus?

3. When Fengon is summoned to the audience chamber, what topic does the king first speak of?

4. Why does Fengon come to see Geruthe at the lodge?

5. What does Horvendil think of Geruthe's actions in the affair?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how Fengon feels about his brother while he is in the audience chamber.

2. Describe Ophelia's ideas about Hamlet and his personality.

3. What does Geruthe need from Fengon to confirm that he really loves and understands her?

4. Describe why the first secret meeting with Fengon and Geruthe at the lodge is an awkward event for both characters.

5. Why does Geruthe believe that Ophelia would be a good wife for Hamblet?

6. What does Horvendil infer about how his son spends his nights at the university compared to what Geruthe infers?

7. Describe the plan to kill Horvendil.

8. Why does Horvendil think that Ophelia is a poor choice for a wife?

9. What did Geruthe do with Bathsheba the falcon?

10. Describe two reasons why Horvendil wants Hamblet to return from his studies at Wittenberg.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Trust is betrayed at many points in the story. Create an essay from your answers to the following questions. Who do you think is the most trustworthy character? What characteristics make them trustworthy? Who do you think is the most untrustworthy character? What characteristics make them untrustworthy?

Essay Topic 2

In Act 1 we meet King Rorik, Gerutha, and Horwendil. Of these characters, who do you think has the most accurate idea of love?

Part 1. Describe each character's position on love and perhaps what they think is love should be.

Part 2. Describe your idea or definition of love and how is it similar or different to each of the character's ideas.

Part 3. Explain why you think the character has the most accurate idea of love. Include examples from the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

The characters in the story make many assumptions and decisions that are questionable. Write an essay with the following parts.

Part 1. Describe one mistake that you think each character has made, Gertrude, Claudius, and King Hamlet. Explain why you think it's clear that these decisions were mistakes.

Part 2. How has each character's mistake affected their future?

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