Gertrude and Claudius Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where do the names come from in the story?

First, they come from a twelfth-century Latin text first printed in Paris in 1514. Then the spellings changed in a later version printed in Paris in 1576. Finally, the names in Part 3 are from the source used by Shakespeare, probably a German work.

2. Describe how Gerutha, Horwendil, Amblet, and Feng's names change in parts 2 and 3 of the story.

The names of the main characters change in parts 2 and 3 change to the following: Gerutha changes to Geruthe, then to Gertrude, Horwendil changes to Horvendil, then to Hamlet, Amlet changes to Hamblet, then to Hamlet, and Feng changes to Fengon, then to Claudius.

3. Describe Rorik's physical appearance as he is introduced in the story.

Rorik is an old king and he is described as a very unattractive man. Specifically, he is said to have a droopy red mustache, a grizzled, uncombed red beard and a large, porous, hooked nose with a translucent wart above one nostril.

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