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Lesson 1 (from About Names)


About Names

The names used in the story were recovered from several different sources, the result being multiple versions of names for the same characters. In this lesson students will identify the varied forms of names for each of the main characters.


1. Writing: Instruct students to write short answers to the following questions. What do the names of Gerutha, Horwendil, Feng, and Amblet change to in part 2? In part 3? Why do the names change to Latin-based names in part 3?

2. Class discussion: Lead the students in a discussion to explain why the names of characters change in each part of the story. Ask the following questions to guide the discussion. What texts are the basis for the story? Why would Shakespeare use different names than some of the original text? What did John Updike do to the names in the story to try to acknowledge the...

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