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Essay Topic 1

In Act 1 we meet King Rorik, Gerutha, and Horwendil. Of these characters, who do you think has the most accurate idea of love?

Part 1. Describe each character's position on love and perhaps what they think is love should be.

Part 2. Describe your idea or definition of love and how is it similar or different to each of the character's ideas.

Part 3. Explain why you think the character has the most accurate idea of love. Include examples from the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

There are many strong characters and personalities in the story, including Gertrude and Claudius. Think about these questions as you write an answer for each part in the essay. Has Gertrude's character changed after many years of marriage? Or is she still the bold young woman of sixteen at heart?

Part 1. Describe the personalities of Gertrude and Claudius when they were...

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