Gertrude and Claudius Character Descriptions

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Young when the story begins, this character lost a mother long ago but grew to be warm, serene, and sensible despite being raised indulgently at Elsinore.


This character is the youngest of the family, a little shorter, darker, and wirier than a sibling. This character is also well-traveled, witty, and flirtatious.


This character is a co-governor of Jutland who rises to take the throne.


This character is the Lord Chamberlain, a trusted councilor.


As an infant, this character is fussy and colicky. As a young child this character is difficult, and finds everything to be a joke.


This character has a droopy red mustache, a grizzled, uncombed red beard, and a large, porous, hooked nose with a translucent wart above one nostril.


This character was captured by in a raid...

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