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About Names

• Horwendil becomes king after marrying Gertrude and after the death of King Rorik. He is distant and unaffected by Gertrude or anyone else's concerns.
• Gertrude marries Horwendil when she is only sixteen years old. She is naturally witty but forms herself into a dutiful queen and mother.
• Claudius is the younger brother of Horwendil. He feels insignificant and undervalued by his brother the king.
• Polonius, when he is named Corambus in Part 1, is Rorik's Lord Chamberlain, but he is not well-liked.

Part 1 Section 1 (through page 19)

• Gertrude, the only daughter of King Rorik, is promised to marry Horwendil the Jute.
• Gertrude pleads with her father to release her from the marriage proposal as she knows Horwendil does not possess the qualities needed to love and care for a woman.
• Rorik believes his daughter will learn to love Horwendil and can not imagine any reason Horwendil would not...

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