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A Gathering of Old Men Test | Mid-Book Test - Hard

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Mid-Book Test - Hard

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This quiz consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Candy's parents die?

2. What kind of a cap is Chimley wearing?

3. What does Clatoo do with the shoe box?

4. When does Chimley not mind being called by his nickname?

5. How does Mapes, the sheriff, prove that Uncle Billy does not shoot Beau?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who comes in from the kitchen and what is he doing there? Where is he all day?

2. When Miss Merle arrives with sandwiches, what does she do to show her disgust at the crowd of old black men?

3. Why does Candy tell all the old black men to shoot their guns once?

4. Why does Miss Merle slap Janey and why does Janey stand there and take it?

5. Why is Gil torn between love for his family and sadness over their past actions?

6. What is happening to the black graveyards?

7. Why does each old black man claim responsibility for the murder of Beau?

8. What color is the dress Corrine wears and the color of the bedspread she uses to cover the body? Why is this important?

9. Why is it important that this chapter is narrated by a child?

10. What does Gil's coach want to tell Gill? Why aren't Cal and Sully in this meeting?

Essay Topics

In his telling of the story, Lou talks about three important symbols. He does not comment one way or the other, but instead, gives the reader the opportunity to form their own opinions. Break into groups of three. Discuss the symbolism of the dust coming down the road. What does Lou Dimes want us to think about this? Discuss Mapes' attitudes towards his deputy? What does Lou want us to understand about Mapes from his interaction with his deputy? Discuss your thoughts about Corrine's faded dress and the faded bedspread used to cover Beau. Why does Lou report the color of the dress and the bedspread? What does this say to the reader? What does Lou mean for it to say?

Compare and contrast the characters of Leroy, who is part of the lynch mob and gets wounded in the shoot-out, Tee Jack who owns the store/bar where the lynch mob meets up, Jack Marshall, who just drinks his days away and owns 1/3 of the Marshall plantation, and the quiet professor in the bar. What does each man symbolize in the context of race relations and racism? Discuss each man's approach to race and how they express their opinion about race. If any of these characters take a different action that day, how does it change the story?

As we get more familiar with the character of Fix, it is clear that, in the past, Fix terrorizes the black people in the area. He is probably responsible for many beatings and deaths of black people. Why now, with the death of his son, Beau, does Fix need for all his sons to agree on a course of action? Why is he asking permission from his sons to act?

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