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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who in the store (bar) thinks that the police should handle the murder?
(a) Tee Jack.
(b) The quiet professor.
(c) Jack Marshall
(d) Robert.

2. Why does Candy slap Lou in the car?
(a) Lou says he is going to write a story about this for the newspaper.
(b) Lou proposes again, at a very odd time.
(c) Lou tries to start the car and drive away.
(d) Lou says that Mathu is now free of her.

3. What does Charlie do before he charges Luke Will?
(a) Decides to give up.
(b) Yells at Luke Will to give up.
(c) Shoots Leroy.
(d) Smokes a cigarette.

4. The narrater of this chapter is on which side of the shoot-out?
(a) Sharp is on Luke Will's side.
(b) Charlie is on his own side.
(c) Snookum is on Candy's side.
(d) Mapes is not on anyone's side, but is now defending himself against Luke Will's gang.

5. What was different about the way Yank hollered?
(a) He hollered the way you holler at a rodeo.
(b) He hollered in a very low voice.
(c) He hollered just like all the other men.
(d) He hollered with a very southern accent.

6. What group was there to defend Luke Will's friends?
(a) The Klans.
(b) Lou Dimes.
(c) NAACP.
(d) Candy's uncle.

7. How far did Charlie go before he was hit?
(a) Across the yard.
(b) Three or Four steps.
(c) To the tractor.
(d) To the ditch.

8. Why did Mathu look down on all the other old black men?
(a) They were cowards and never stood up for themselves.
(b) They owned their own houses, and Mathu still worked on the Marshall land.
(c) They were not as dark skinned as Mathu, they were not as African.
(d) They did not work as hard at Mathu.

9. After talking on the radio, Mapes makes an announcement to the group. What news does he share?
(a) That Luke Will and a lynch mob are coming.
(b) That Fix is not coming.
(c) That Mapes fired his deputy.
(d) That Mathu is wanted in two other states for crimes there.

10. What did Miss Merle bring?
(a) Four more men.
(b) Sandwiches in baskets.
(c) More empty shells.
(d) More guns.

11. Who does Charlie call Parrain?
(a) Corrine.
(b) Candy.
(c) Gram Mon.
(d) Mathu.

12. Who really raised Candy?
(a) Gram Mon.
(b) Miss Merle and Mathu.
(c) Lou Dimes.
(d) Mapes.

13. What does Luke Will's gang do at the end of the chapter?
(a) Luke Will's gang sits in the "nigger room" to finish their drinks.
(b) Luke Will's gang asks for supplies for the lynching from Tee Jack but he refuses.
(c) Luke Will's gang finish their drinks and leave.
(d) Luke Will's gang threatens Tee Jack that they will be back.

14. How many days did the trail go on?
(a) 14 days.
(b) 4 weeks.
(c) 5 days.
(d) 3 days.

15. Once the old men are in the field, what do they do?
(a) They hide in the swamps.
(b) They are confused and don't know what to do next.
(c) They lay low and stay quiet.
(d) They spead out, rise up and hoop and then fire at Luke Will and his gang.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets "winged?"

2. Why did Beau come after Charlie?

3. Who were the three funerals for?

4. Who talks Candy into ending the events of the day?

5. How old is Charlie?

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