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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What phrase does Charlie keep saying over and over again?
(a) I need a better house.
(b) I killed Beau.
(c) I need a tractor to work in the fields.
(d) I'm a man.

2. How many days did the trail go on?
(a) 3 days.
(b) 5 days.
(c) 4 weeks.
(d) 14 days.

3. What does Luke Will notice about Tee Jack at the end of the chapter?
(a) That he is scared.
(b) That he had more free liquor.
(c) That he wants to join the lynch mob.
(d) That he has closed the back room.

4. What group was there to defend Luke Will's friends?
(a) NAACP.
(b) Candy's uncle.
(c) Lou Dimes.
(d) The Klans.

5. Who agreed with Gil?
(a) Luke Will.
(b) His brother Claude.
(c) His brother Jean.
(d) Fix.

6. What does Luke Will say to Mapes about Charlie?
(a) Luke Will tells Mapes that he's going to beat Charlie.
(b) Luke Will tells Mapes to "hand him over."
(c) Luke Will tells Mapes that Mathu is the murderer, not Charlie.
(d) Luke Will tells Mapes that he wants to talk to Charlie.

7. How far did Charlie go before he was hit?
(a) To the tractor.
(b) To the ditch.
(c) Three or Four steps.
(d) Across the yard.

8. Why did Mathu look down on all the other old black men?
(a) They did not work as hard at Mathu.
(b) They were not as dark skinned as Mathu, they were not as African.
(c) They were cowards and never stood up for themselves.
(d) They owned their own houses, and Mathu still worked on the Marshall land.

9. What was Leroy's reaction?
(a) He had trouble aiming his gun.
(b) He laughed.
(c) He was sniveling.
(d) He got mad and starting firing his gun as fast as he could.

10. When Luke Will ran out of shells, what did Charlie offer?
(a) To kill him.
(b) More shells.
(c) To stop the shoot-out.
(d) To surrender.

11. What does Tee Jack do to calm Luke Will and his friends?
(a) Tee Jack reminds Luke Will that his store/bar is still segregated.
(b) Tee Jack gives Luke Will and his boys liquor for free.
(c) Tee Jack offers to help with the lynching.
(d) Tee Jack tell the professor to shut up.

12. Who were the three funerals for?
(a) Charlie, Mapes and Luke Will.
(b) Luke Will, Beau, and Charlie.
(c) Mapes, Leroy and Luke Will.
(d) Beau, Luke Will and Mathu.

13. Who welcomed Gil at the door of his father's house?
(a) Fix.
(b) Jean.
(c) Sully.
(d) Russell.

14. Where did Snookum hide during the shoot-out?
(a) He hid in the kitchen.
(b) He hid next to Gram Mon.
(c) He crawled under the house.
(d) He ran out the kitchen door and into the outhouse.

15. What would bring the court to laughing?
(a) When nicknames for the old men were used in court.
(b) When people walked by outside.
(c) When people saw the men all banged up and bandaged.
(d) When they saw Judge Reynolds.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the trial, what was the racial makeup of the observing crowd?

2. Where is Snookum when Lou notices him?

3. What did Mathu ask Snookum to get from the house when the sandwiches came?

4. What does Charlie do before he charges Luke Will?

5. Who did Luke Will say was in charge?

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