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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Luke Will say to Mapes about Charlie?
(a) Luke Will tells Mapes that he's going to beat Charlie.
(b) Luke Will tells Mapes to "hand him over".
(c) Luke Will tells Mapes that he wants to talk to Charlie.
(d) Luke Will tells Mapes that Mathu is the murderer, not Charlie.

2. When Luke Will runs out of shells, what does Charlie offer?
(a) More shells.
(b) To surrender.
(c) To stop the shoot-out.
(d) To kill him.

3. Where does Snookum hide during the shoot-out?
(a) He hides next to Gram Mon.
(b) He crawls under the house.
(c) He hides in the kitchen.
(d) He run out the kitchen door and into the outhouse.

4. After talking on the radio, Mapes makes an announcement to the group. What news does he share?
(a) That Mapes fires his deputy.
(b) That Fix is not coming.
(c) That Mathu is wanted in two other states for crimes there.
(d) That Luke Will and a lynch mob are coming.

5. After the old men talk privately inside of Mathu's house, they call Mapes into the house. Why?
(a) Mapes tells them earlier that they have 15 minutes and the old men know their time is up.
(b) Charlie wants to confess to the murder and turn himself in.
(c) Charlie wants to challenge Mapes.
(d) Charlie is afraid of Fix and wants police protection.

6. What action does Gil want his father to take about the death of his brother, Beau?
(a) Gil wants his father, Fix, to talk to Mathu.
(b) Gil wants to form a lynch mob and pick up Mathu.
(c) Gil wants Sully to talk to Mathu.
(d) Gil wants to let the police arrest the suspect.

7. What does Leroy do for most of the time that the shoot-out is going on?
(a) He has trouble aiming his gun.
(b) He gets mad and starts firing his gun as fast as he can.
(c) He is laughing.
(d) He is sniveling.

8. The narrator of chapter 18 is on which side of the shoot-out?
(a) Sharp is on Luke Will's side.
(b) Snookum is on Candy's side.
(c) Charlie is on his own side.
(d) Mapes is not on anyone's side, but is now defending himself against Luke Will's gang.

9. After Mapes talks to Russell on the radio, he tells the group of old black men what he knows about Fix and his men. Who talks Candy into ending the events of the day?
(a) Mathu.
(b) Lou.
(c) Johnny Paul.
(d) Mapes.

10. After Candy's mother and father die, who is SUPPOSED to raise her?
(a) Lou Dimes.
(b) Candy's aunt and uncle.
(c) Gram Mon.
(d) Mathu and Miss Merle.

11. What does Snookum say that almost gives away Candy's entire plan?
(a) Snookum says that Candy promises him sandwiches if he keeps his mouth shut.
(b) Snookum says he wants another sandwich because Candy doesn't give him anything to run and get everybody.
(c) Snookum says Gram Mon wants a second sandwich because she is cooking dinner when someone shoots Beau.
(d) Snookum says he wants some ice water or he tells Mapes who shoots Beau.

12. How many days does the trail go on?
(a) 4 weeks.
(b) 3 days.
(c) 5 days.
(d) 14 days.

13. During the shoot-out, Mapes tells Luke Will that someone is in charge? Who?
(a) Mathu.
(b) Lou.
(c) Leroy.
(d) Charlie.

14. During the shoot-out, who is calling on God?
(a) Reverend Jameson.
(b) Lou Dimes.
(c) Gram Mon.
(d) Mapes.

15. What is different about the way Yank hollers?
(a) He hollers in a very low voice.
(b) He hollers the way people holler at a rodeo.
(c) He hollers with a very southern accent.
(d) He hollers just like all the other men.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Gil tells his father what he thinks about his brother's death, who agrees with Gil?

2. Charlie tells his story about the death of Beau. Why does Charlie say Beau chases him with a gun?

3. What does Jack Marshall do every day?

4. Who is the first person to get shot in the shoot-out?

5. Miss Merle arrives at Mathu's house for a second time that afternoon. What does Miss Merle bring?

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