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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Mat feel good about what they were doing?
(a) He wanted to go to jail to get away from his wife.
(b) He hadn't worked hard in a long time.
(c) He felt he was getting old and he wanted to shoot a gun again.
(d) He felt they were finally taking a stand and doing something different.

2. How many miles did Lou drive from Baron rouge to Marshall?
(a) Fifty.
(b) Five hundred.
(c) One hundred.
(d) Thirty-five.

3. How did Tucker's brother Silas get into trouble with white people?
(a) Silas dated a white woman.
(b) Silas and his mules won a contest with Fix's tractor.
(c) Silas talked to a white woman.
(d) Silas stole a white man's tractor.

4. Why hadn't Cherry shot his gun?
(a) He thought he might see a good rabbit.
(b) He wanted to shoot it at the graveyard.
(c) He was afraid the gun was too old and might not work.
(d) He wanted to shoot with the other men.

5. When Miss Merle arrives back at the Marshall house, what does she tell Bea?
(a) That she needs a drink.
(b) That she needs a twelve-gauge shotgun.
(c) That Beau Boutan is dead.
(d) That she brought an apple pie for Jack.

6. Why is Gil upset with Mapes, the sheriff?
(a) Gil thinks Mapes is stalling to wait until Fix and the lynch mob arrive.
(b) Gil thinks Mapes should have moved the body by now.
(c) Gil can't believe that there have been no arrests made.
(d) Gil thinks Mapes should arrest Candy.

7. How was Yank dressed?
(a) In shorts and a white shirt.
(b) Like a cowboy.
(c) Like he was going to church.
(d) In a clean shirt and pants.

8. How did Mapes know Mathu?
(a) They had hunted and fished together.
(b) They grew up together.
(c) They had been in a fistfight with each other.
(d) Mathu had worked for Mapes.

9. Why did Janey keep looking down toward the highway?
(a) Janey was looking for Fix.
(b) Janey was looking for Mr. Lou.
(c) Janey was looking for the police.
(d) Janey was waiting for Miss Merle.

10. What did Mat tell his wife about the shotguns?
(a) He saw some rabbits he wanted to shoot.
(b) There was trouble at Mathu's house.
(c) There was a lynch mob on the way.
(d) He said they were going hunting.

11. What instructions did Candy give to Snookum about Mr. Lou?
(a) Candy told Snookum to call Mr. Lou on the phone inside Mathu's house.
(b) Candy told Snookum to bring Mr. Lou back with him and she would give Snookum a treat.
(c) Candy told Snookum to have Janey call Mr. Lou.
(d) Candy told Snookum to run fetch Mr. Lou from the newspaper.

12. What did Candy always wear?
(a) Shorts and t-shirts.
(b) Dresses.
(c) Pants and shirts, never dresses.
(d) Skirts.

13. Why did Cherry not like the sight of an empty cane field?
(a) He preferred the site of a cane field about to be plowed.
(b) It made him feel lonely.
(c) He was sad that there was no work left for the year.
(d) It reminded him of how the tractors plowed the fields and hurt the land.

14. Why did Jacob feel bad about his sister's death?
(a) He never liked his sister and wished her dead many times.
(b) He saw it happen but didn't know how to swim to save her.
(c) He didn't stand up for her or say anything at the time of her death.
(d) He was too little to do anything about it.

15. Where did Sully drive Gil?
(a) To Mathu's house.
(b) To the big game with Ole Miss.
(c) To the Marshall house to see Major.
(d) To Baton Rouge

Short Answer Questions

1. When Gil arrived at the scene of the crime, how long had his brother been dead?

2. Why did the two men continue to fish after they heard about the murder?

3. What did Candy say to Miss Merle when she saw her?

4. Why did Snookum not get along with Reverend Jameson?

5. What happened when Mat returned home with his fish?

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