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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Candy's parents die?
(a) In an airplane crash.
(b) They were murdered.
(c) Of natural causes.
(d) In a car wreck.

2. Why did Miss Merle bring a pie?
(a) For Candy, because she had heard about the murder.
(b) For Jack, the Major, because she likes him.
(c) For Janey, because she needed help.
(d) For Miss Bea because she wanted a favor.

3. Who does Janey work for?
(a) The Major and Miss Bea.
(b) Mr. Lou.
(c) Miss Merle.
(d) Candy.

4. Why didn't the coroner want to get out of the car?
(a) He was afraid of Mapes.
(b) He didn't walk very well.
(c) He saw all the men with guns.
(d) He was afraid of Candy.

5. Mapes asked his deputy to call someone back in town. Who?
(a) Fix.
(b) Call for backup.
(c) Russell and Herman.
(d) Miss Bea and the Major.

6. What did Gil want most?
(a) To do whatever his dad, Fix wanted him to do.
(b) To kill the man who killed his brother.
(c) To be All-American with Cal.
(d) To finish school without any trouble.

7. What did Snookum want for a reward for running the errand?
(a) A sip of liquor.
(b) To look at the dead body again.
(c) Lots of money.
(d) Tea cakes and Plarines.

8. Who helped raise Candy?
(a) Janey.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Lou.
(d) Miss Merle.

9. What happened to Oliver?
(a) He died in a hospital when the doctors wouldn't treat a black man.
(b) He died when a group of white men ran him into the river.
(c) He died when a lynch mob killed him.
(d) He died in a car wreck.

10. Who arrived at the end of the chapter?
(a) Mape's backup.
(b) Fix.
(c) Candy's boyfriend.
(d) A lynch mob.

11. Where did the group walk to at the end of the chapter?
(a) To town to get the sheriff.
(b) To Mathu's house.
(c) To Clatoo's truck.
(d) To the white graveyard.

12. How did Mapes know Mathu?
(a) They had been in a fistfight with each other.
(b) They had hunted and fished together.
(c) They grew up together.
(d) Mathu had worked for Mapes.

13. Why was Gable's sixteen-year-old son put to death?
(a) Gable's son stared at a white man's wife.
(b) A white woman claimed he raped her.
(c) Gable's son ran away from home.
(d) Gable's son started a fight in town and hit a white man.

14. Why is Gil upset with Mapes, the sheriff?
(a) Gil can't believe that there have been no arrests made.
(b) Gil thinks Mapes should have moved the body by now.
(c) Gil thinks Mapes is stalling to wait until Fix and the lynch mob arrive.
(d) Gil thinks Mapes should arrest Candy.

15. What are the tractor's getting closer and closer to?
(a) The black graveyard.
(b) Candy's house.
(c) The houses at the quarters.
(d) Mathu's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Candy ask Corrine to get from inside the house?

2. What had Janey heard that made her believe Snookum's story?

3. What time is it when Miss Merle spots the Major asleep in the swing?

4. What was happening the next day?

5. Who carried his gun like a soldier?

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