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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Lou not at work?
(a) He was out eating dinner.
(b) He was on assignment.
(c) He had taken the day off.
(d) He was at Candy's house.

2. Why is Gil upset with Mapes, the sheriff?
(a) Gil thinks Mapes should have moved the body by now.
(b) Gil can't believe that there have been no arrests made.
(c) Gil thinks Mapes is stalling to wait until Fix and the lynch mob arrive.
(d) Gil thinks Mapes should arrest Candy.

3. Who baked the apple pie?
(a) Janey.
(b) Miss Merle.
(c) Miss Bea.
(d) Lucy, Miss Merle's servant.

4. Why was Clatoo dressed in a nice shirt and bow tie?
(a) He was returning from work.
(b) He had just returned from church with Reverend Jameson.
(c) He had just been to a funeral.
(d) He sold vegetables out of his truck and always wanted to remind people that he was a businessman.

5. What kind of a cap was Chimley wearing?
(a) A very smart dress hat.
(b) A straw hat.
(c) A Dodgers' baseball cap.
(d) His army hat.

6. What happened to Oliver?
(a) He died in a hospital when the doctors wouldn't treat a black man.
(b) He died in a car wreck.
(c) He died when a group of white men ran him into the river.
(d) He died when a lynch mob killed him.

7. Where did Sully drive Gil?
(a) To Baton Rouge
(b) To the big game with Ole Miss.
(c) To the Marshall house to see Major.
(d) To Mathu's house.

8. When Gil and Sully arrived at the Marshall quarters, Sully thought it looked like an episode from what T.V. show?
(a) The Beverly Hillbillies.
(b) The Perry Mason Show.
(c) Bewitched.
(d) The Twilight Show.

9. What happened when Mat returned home with his fish?
(a) He kissed Ella hello at the door.
(b) He started cleaning the fish.
(c) He got in an arguement with his wife, Ella.
(d) He got in his car and drove to Mathu's house.

10. Why did people call Sully T.V.?
(a) He liked the Twilight Zone T.V. show.
(b) He had a sixth-sense when something was about to happen.
(c) He was a T.V. nut.
(d) He watched T.V. only at night.

11. Mapes asked his deputy to call someone back in town. Who?
(a) Russell and Herman.
(b) Fix.
(c) Miss Bea and the Major.
(d) Call for backup.

12. Where did the group of old men walk to?
(a) To the cane fields.
(b) To the bank of the river.
(c) The black graveyard.
(d) Back to Dirty Red's house.

13. When Miss Merle arrives at Mathu's house, what is the first thing that happens?
(a) Snookum finally gets something to eat.
(b) Lou Dimes confesses to the murder.
(c) Mathu fires at the car.
(d) Candy confesses to the murder.

14. Why was Gable's sixteen-year-old son put to death?
(a) Gable's son stared at a white man's wife.
(b) Gable's son started a fight in town and hit a white man.
(c) Gable's son ran away from home.
(d) A white woman claimed he raped her.

15. According to Chimley's story, who got in a fistfight with Fix?
(a) Mat.
(b) Mathu.
(c) Candy.
(d) The sheriff.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why had Coot not worn his WWI uniform in years?

2. How was Gable's son put to death?

3. How many miles did Lou drive from Baron rouge to Marshall?

4. Where did the group walk to at the end of the chapter?

5. What was Yank's job before tractors came to the sugar can fields?

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