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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter One In chapter one, the setting is deduced from descriptions of tractors hauling sugar cane and the dialect used by Snookum, the narrator. The objective of this lesson is to establish the setting of the story, the Deep South, on a sugar cane plantation.

1) Short Introduction Lecture: The author and his other works, all written about the Deep South, where the author grows up. This information is usually found on the flap of the book.

2) For Class Discussion: What is the location of this story? How do we know? Compare the descriptions of Gram Mon and Candy. What does their social class have to do with the location? What is a garry? How is that a clue to the location of the story? Describe the scenery as told to us by Snookum. What do we learn from his description about the location of the story...

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