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Eknath Easwaran
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Easwaran close this chapter?
(a) With a few more quotes from Gandhi.
(b) With a prayer.
(c) Words from the Gita.
(d) With a letter from Kasturbai.

2. How did Gandhi feel about meditation?
(a) Confident and content.
(b) Energized and invigorated.
(c) Tired and unsure.
(d) Content.

3. Sri Krishna calls it the ______________ that inspires selfish possession, and says they are free who have escaped it, united with the Lord of Love and assured immortality.
(a) Sin of man.
(b) Ego-cage.
(c) Devil.
(d) Selfish ego.

4. Evenings for Gandhi were made up of what kind of meals?
(a) Long.
(b) Communal.
(c) Boisterous.
(d) Quiet.

5. In order to make his teaching more accessible, Gandhi established what?
(a) Parades.
(b) Churches.
(c) Temples.
(d) Ashrams.

6. The two of them became what for men and women throughout India?
(a) A painful reminder of their inadequacy.
(b) Inspiration.
(c) An unattainable goal.
(d) A source of jealousy.

7. ________________ with problems of policy were welcomed to come and ask Gandhi for his advice.
(a) Educators.
(b) Political leaders.
(c) Religious leaders.
(d) Students.

8. Gandhi saw that Kasturbai was already living what he was studying, and began to do what?
(a) Emulate her example.
(b) Have her lead.
(c) Feel guilty for not being more like her.
(d) Become envious of her.

9. The final chapter Eknath Easwaran writes is focused on the daily habits and the things that defined the personality of Gandhi as what?
(a) An individual in his public life.
(b) Not trusting those who need a private life.
(c) An individual in his private life.
(d) Needing his private life.

10. When Gandhi was asked to explain in three words the secret of his life, what did he say?
(a) Renounce and enjoy.
(b) Give to God.
(c) Love all others.
(d) Peace, love, happiness.

11. Prayer meetings featured readings from what?
(a) The Hindu scriptures.
(b) The Christian scriptures.
(c) All three major scriptures.
(d) The Muslim scriptures.

12. What was one of Gandhi's most treasured meditations?
(a) The last ten verses of the the Second Chapter of the Gita.
(b) The last eighteen verses of the Second Chapter of the Gita.
(c) The middle verses of the Third Chapter of the Gita.
(d) The first verse of the First Chapter of the Gita.

13. What is the key to transformation of character and consciousness?
(a) Openness of mind.
(b) Meditation.
(c) A desire to transform.
(d) God.

14. Was Gandhi burdened by worry about what was to come?
(a) Yes, somewhat.
(b) Yes, very much.
(c) Yes, at times.
(d) No.

15. Gandhi used what Rambha taught him his whole life, repeating it rhythmically when?
(a) Speaking to others.
(b) He first wakes in the morning.
(c) As he breathed and walked.
(d) Before he falls asleep at night.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Gandhi say as he died?

2. When one meditates, one drives what deep into the consciousness?

3. The answer to number 84 creates the mask that people call their personalities and hides what?

4. What did Gandhi tell the man who killed him?

5. When did Gandhi meditate?

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