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Eknath Easwaran
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. People came burdened and overwhelmed with their troubles, and left how?
(a) Less burdens and troubles.
(b) With new ideas and beliefs.
(c) With new burdens and troubles.
(d) Laughing and lighthearted.

2. Even ______________ was Gandhi embodying the spirit of compassion and forgiveness for which he had come to be known.
(a) When he was alone.
(b) When he was a small child.
(c) When others threatened him.
(d) On the last day of Gandhi's life.

3. During the walks with Gandhi, people would do what?
(a) Give him advice.
(b) Ask him for advice.
(c) Follow him silently.
(d) Pray for him.

4. The two of them became what for men and women throughout India?
(a) Inspiration.
(b) A painful reminder of their inadequacy.
(c) An unattainable goal.
(d) A source of jealousy.

5. When one meditates, one drives what deep into the consciousness?
(a) Hatred.
(b) The highest ideals.
(c) Fear.
(d) Desire.

6. His body was so light and strong that what happened?
(a) Gandhi annoyed many who wanted to talk to him.
(b) Gandhi walked at a fast pace.
(c) Gandhi walked for great distances.
(d) Gandhi lost many of his followers.

7. A united mind is the only mind that is able to meditate and do what?
(a) Love others fully.
(b) Understand others.
(c) Find joy and peace.
(d) Find peace and exercise judgment.

8. What endeavor is the source of Gandhi's joy and strength?
(a) Meditating on his mantra.
(b) Helping others.
(c) Caring for his family.
(d) Translating the truths of the Bhagavad Gita into his daily life.

9. Kasturbai kept her faith in her husband's character even when what happened?
(a) He was gone from her.
(b) He did not display it.
(c) She did not believe in it.
(d) He did not deserve it.

10. One who loves the Lord of Love is able to learn from what?
(a) Other's mistakes.
(b) One's mistakes.
(c) The love of others.
(d) The Lord of Love.

11. When one's love is deep enough, Sri Krishna explains to the eager Arjuna, selfish attachment, insecurity, fear and despair will do what?
(a) Start to disappear.
(b) Grow stronger at first, and then fall away.
(c) Fall away.
(d) Be diminished.

12. Who is Patanjali?
(a) A leader in India.
(b) The ancient Indian teacher of meditation.
(c) Gandhi's closest friend.
(d) Gandhi's follower.

13. When followers stopped asking questions, Gandhi would focus on what?
(a) His future plans.
(b) Making children laugh.
(c) His own thoughts.
(d) Raising questions.

14. The final chapter Eknath Easwaran writes is focused on the daily habits and the things that defined the personality of Gandhi as what?
(a) An individual in his public life.
(b) An individual in his private life.
(c) Needing his private life.
(d) Not trusting those who need a private life.

15. Indeed one of the things that was most remarkable to Easwaran, and to Louis Fischer, the American journalist who followed Gandhi's campaigns in India for many years, was how what?
(a) How little privacy Gandhi received.
(b) How private Gandhi was.
(c) How not private Gandhi was.
(d) How much privacy Gandhi needed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What types of people did Gandhi love?

2. Describe Gandhi's evening walks.

3. ________________ with problems of policy were welcomed to come and ask Gandhi for his advice.

4. What did Gandhi say as he died?

5. What does one become when one meditates?

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