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Eknath Easwaran
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gandhi resolved to make a project of what?
(a) His newfound friendships.
(b) His transformation into a British gentleman.
(c) Developing his character and living simply.
(d) His studies in England.

2. Leaving Kasturbai again, this time with two sons, Gandhi left for South Africa in the hopes of what?
(a) Gaining some experience.
(b) Forgetting about his family.
(c) Earning a better living.
(d) Making a new life for himself.

3. He was also confronted with a form of prejudice against him for what reason?
(a) His faith.
(b) His race.
(c) His education.
(d) His accent.

4. How does Gandhi plan on taking the lessons from the failures of his past?
(a) Be proud of his accomplishments and to forget his failures.
(b) To think of his family first.
(c) To not run from failure again.
(d) To stay away from anything that could cause failure.

5. Throughout these years of satyagraha in India, he continued to make friends and gain followers including who?
(a) The poor.
(b) The wealthy and privileged Jawaharlal Nehru.
(c) The British leaders.
(d) The leaders of many nations.

6. Gandhi took this trip when he was in his ________________ year there in service to Dada Abdulla, and was riding in a first class compartment.
(a) Second.
(b) Third.
(c) First.
(d) Fourth.

7. What did Gandhi call the Yeravda Prison?
(a) The Yeravda Ashram.
(b) The Yeravda Hell.
(c) The Yeravda Home.
(d) The Yeravda Temple.

8. What does the author say about Gandhi as a boy?
(a) He was outgoing and proud.
(b) He was quite remarkable.
(c) He was very intelligent.
(d) He was nothing remarkable.

9. Gandhi described himself as what?
(a) A cowardly child with a rather weak mind.
(b) A uniquely strong child.
(c) A typical child with many friends.
(d) An unusual child.

10. Through a connection of his brother's, Gandhi was given a ____________ contract with a Muslim firm in South Africa to work what he thought would be a clerical position well below the dignity of his education.
(a) Year-long.
(b) Five-year long.
(c) Ten-year long.
(d) Two-year long.

11. He instructed a group of Indians to gather in Johannesburg and determined that the most effective course would be for the whole Indian population simply to do what?
(a) Return to India.
(b) Resolve not to submit to unfair treatment and be ready for any consequence.
(c) Follow the instructions of those in charge in South Africa.
(d) Retaliate violently.

12. What does this type of revolution mean?
(a) Holding fast to truth.
(b) Listen to yourself.
(c) Do what needs to be done.
(d) Forget the truth.

13. When a British passenger discovered him there, what did he demand that Gandhi do?
(a) Get off the train.
(b) Go to the back of the car.
(c) Stand up.
(d) Move to third class.

14. In Gandhi's view of human evolution, he saw what as the dharma of modern human beings--as the central law of their being--and violence as the dharma of the animals of the jungle?
(a) Ahimsa.
(b) Baptisma.
(c) Bahimsa.
(d) Allahisma.

15. What did Gandhi's uncle suggest he do?
(a) Go to England to study law.
(b) Go to England to find work.
(c) Go to England to study religion.
(d) Go to England to study medicine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gandhi found himself a solitary apartment and began by doing what?

2. Finding himself happier and healthier for the change, Gandhi shifted his attention to what?

3. Seeing that his client was clearly right, and a long court battle would benefit no one but the lawyers, what was Gandhi determined to do?

4. Describe Gandhi's early time in England.

5. The position was as Dada Abdulla's lawyer and a role as what?

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