Gandhi, the Man Multiple Choice Test Questions

Eknath Easwaran
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Forward/The Transformation

1. Michael N. Nagler of the University of California, Berkley provides the forward for the book, and opens by asking the reader what?
(a) To consider whether Gandhi might be the most significant historical figure of the 20th century.
(b) To consider whether Gandhi is a good example to follow.
(c) To consider whether Gandhi was a great man.
(d) To consider whether Gandhi helped others.

2. Nagler cites all of the fields in which Gandhi inspired revolution, including economics, politics, philosophy and the science and art of _________.
(a) Living a life of solitude.
(b) Living quietly.
(c) Living healthfully.
(d) Living frugally.

3. Nagler points to Gandhi's very inauspicious beginnings as an underachieving student with ____________________.
(a) Many friends.
(b) A bad temper.
(c) A many ailments.
(d) A bad home life.

4. To direct the reader to the means to learning the answer, Nagler points to whom as the perfect man to tell Gandhi's life story?
(a) Eknath Easwaran.
(b) Gandhi's father.
(c) Gandhi's mother.
(d) Kasterbai.

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