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Louis Fischer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the eating of meat so shocking?
(a) Meat is not available in India.
(b) It is taboo in the Hindu religion.
(c) Hindus do not like the taste of meat.
(d) Mohandas is allergic to meat.

2. In January 1924, the Mahatma was rushed from prison to the hospital. Why?
(a) He was fasting to death.
(b) He had had a heart attack.
(c) He had collapsed.
(d) He had acute appendicitis.

3. How did Gandhi feel about his young marriage?
(a) He found it embarrassing.
(b) He considered it to be wrong.
(c) He found it strange.
(d) He considered it to be exciting.

4. To achieve success in South Africa, Gandhi's most effective tool was a unique creation of his own called what?
(a) Satyagraha.
(b) Swadeshi.
(c) Duragraha.
(d) Ahimsa.

5. What did Gandhi learn from the incident involving his brother, Laxmidas?
(a) He never wanted to be part of the pettiness and snobbery of the government.
(b) He wanted to be a part of the exciting new government.
(c) He did not want his brother to take part in the corrupt government.
(d) He never wanted to be part of the stressful and taxing government.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he died, was Gandhi a private citizen with noteworthy professional achievement?

2. By the time they arrived at the sea on April 5th, they were how many strong?

3. Gandhi knew that prejudice could not be eradicated by what?

4. Gandhi received the title of Mahatma from whom?

5. Gandhi called for what non-violent non-cooperation?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Gandhi feel about his life in London?

2. What happened initially when Gandhi got word to England about the treatment of Indians in South Africa?

3. What is a Yogi?

4. What happened when Gandhi and his followers walk freely around Transvaal?

5. Describe Gandhi's first major speech.

6. What happened when Gandhi was again arrested and jailed in May?

7. What happened when Gandhi went to Nepal?

8. Describe politics involving Indians in the early 1900s. How did this affect Gandhi?

9. What was the first incident that changed Gandhi forever?

10. Why did Gandhi end his campaign against the Rowlatt Act?

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