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Louis Fischer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 22 and 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In May, what happened to Gandhi?
(a) He was again arrested and jailed.
(b) He fasted.
(c) He gave power to his son.
(d) He became ill.

2. Why could Gandhi not reconcile himself to this fact?
(a) Why not have more sons?
(b) Why did he need to be resurrected?
(c) Why is there only one path to God?
(d) Why did God need sons?

3. What did the Rowlatt Acts of 1919 do?
(a) They continued the unfair conditions for the Indians.
(b) They gave complete equality to the Indians.
(c) They enslaved all Indians.
(d) They gave more freedom to the Indians.

4. After reading ______________, Gandhi's life was forever changed.
(a) John Ruskins' Fors Clavigera.
(b) John Ruskins' Unto This Last.
(c) John Ruskins' The Stones of Venice.
(d) John Ruskins' Modern Painters.

5. What did Gandhi lose when he spoke to this group?
(a) His purpose.
(b) His shyness and inability to speak in public.
(c) His train of thought.
(d) His motivation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Churchill would crush what in order to save England and keep it as it had always been?

2. Gandhi eventually traveled there and found that the million peasant Indians there were suffering from what?

3. When Gandhi returned to India, what did he learn?

4. A sharecropper asked Gandhi to help the people in his region of what country?

5. Gandhi urged that Indian freedom was dependent upon what?

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