Objects & Places from Gandhi

Louis Fischer
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Gandhi was born in this Indian seaside town in 1869.


Gandhi traveled from India to this city to study law. He traveled there several times years later to meet with officials to discuss India's independence.

South Africa

Gandhi spent over 20 years in this country fighting for the rights of the East Indians who lived there and suffered under governmental color discrimination.

Pretoria, South Africa

After feeling the sting of discrimination because of his color, the young Gandhi lost his timidity and gave his first speech in this town, promoting ways the gathered Indians and Moslems could combat discrimination by white men.


Gandhi was not successful as a lawyer in this city. He was sold his first insurance policy there which he later let lapse, trusting God more than an insurance company.

Satyagraha Ashram

This was located at Sabarmati. Gandhi lived there in a cell-like room free...

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