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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What beverage does Beatrice prepare for Nanny?
(a) Coffee with cream.
(b) A chocolate milkshake.
(c) Whiskey and water.
(d) Hot water and honey.

2. What is Beatrice wearing in her recurring nightmare?
(a) A lovely gown with jewels all over it.
(b) Equestrian clothing.
(c) A swimsuit.
(d) Overalls.

3. How does Beatrice's recurring nightmare end?
(a) She sees a rat and screams.
(b) She shoots the horses.
(c) She sees her father and her heart stands still.
(d) She waters a pot of marigolds.

4. What excuse does Ruth give for getting out of gym class?
(a) Her sister needed her.
(b) Her lipstick had rubbed off.
(c) Her skull was growing.
(d) Her legs hurt.

5. What is the setting of the play in the opening act?
(a) A swimming pool.
(b) A dark room of wood.
(c) A field of marigolds.
(d) A school gymnasium.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character says that she receives fifty dollars a week?

2. Who is Mr. Mayo?

3. Which of the following animals appeared in a recurring nightmare that Beatrice used to have?

4. What is Beatrice wearing when she makes her entrance in Act 1?

5. What does Beatrice hold over Nanny's head?

Short Essay Questions

1. What excuse does Beatrice give to Mr. Goodman for keeping Tillie home from school?

2. What is Beatrice's state when Tillie and Ruth return home from the science fair? How does she react to the news that Tillie has won?

3. What is the explanation that Ruth gives Mr. Goodman for her sister's absence from school?

4. Compare Ruth's attitude toward Tillie at the beginning of Act 1 to the end of Act 1.

5. Why does Beatrice refuse to allow Tillie to call the doctor when Ruth falls into a seizure?

6. How does the science experiment make Tillie feel, and why?

7. Does Nanny know what has transpired in the Hunsdorfer home in Act 2? Are there any similarities between Nanny and Beatrice?

8. Why does Beatrice not tell the truth to her daughters about her experiences in high school?

9. What happens to Ruth after she learns of the rabbit's death?

10. What is the cause of Ruth's emotional episode during the thunderstorm?

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