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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters is not at home in Act 2?
(a) Tillie.
(b) Ruth.
(c) Nanny.
(d) Janice Vickery.

2. What does Ruth think of Janice Vickery's science experiment?
(a) Ruth thinks what Janice did is murder.
(b) Ruth thinks rabbits should not be used in such experiments.
(c) Ruth thinks Janice copied Tillie's idea.
(d) Ruth thinks it is going to be way better than Tillie's.

3. What has Beatrice prepared for Tillie's science project?
(a) She wrote the titles on the screen.
(b) She measured the half-life of radioactive elements.
(c) She sprayed the marigolds with chemicals.
(d) She boiled the rabbit.

4. Who makes the following statement: "You know, one day maybe you will be pretty."
(a) Ruth.
(b) Nanny.
(c) Tillie.
(d) Beatrice.

5. Ruth compares Beatrice as a teen to Tillie. In what ways were they similar?
(a) Their hairstyles.
(b) Their interest in science.
(c) Their love of pets.
(d) Thier social awkwardness.

6. What happens to Ruth at the end of Act 2?
(a) She buries the cat.
(b) She settles down after a seizure.
(c) She dies.
(d) She goes on a date with Chris Burns.

7. Who wins at the science fair?
(a) Mr. Goodman.
(b) Tillie.
(c) Janice Vickery.
(d) Chris Burns.

8. What type of action does Janice Vickery say she undertook on her experimental specimen?
(a) She boiled the animal.
(b) She exposed the animal to cobalt-60.
(c) She llit the animal on fire.
(d) She put it in a swimming pool.

9. According to Ruth, who is waiting to see Beatrice at the science fair?
(a) Peter, Mr. Goodman, and Dr. Berg.
(b) Betty, Nanny, and Tillie.
(c) Everybody ... including Miss Hanley.
(d) Tillie, Janice Vickery, and Mr. Goodman.

10. Which character is the last to physically enter the stage in Act 2?
(a) Janice Vickery.
(b) Beatrice.
(c) Nanny.
(d) Mr. Goodman.

11. Ruth is excited to meet this person at the science fair.
(a) Mr. Goodman.
(b) Miss Hanley.
(c) Janice Vickery.
(d) Chris Burns.

12. From what organization did Janice Vickery acquire her experimental specimen?
(a) The town nursing home.
(b) The local zoo.
(c) The A.S.P.C.A.
(d) The local pound.

13. Ruth states that if anybody stuck Peter in a pot of boiling water, she would ...
(a) Make rabbit stew.
(b) Kill them.
(c) Give them $20.
(d) Report them to the police.

14. What does Nanny say in Act 2?
(a) "I want to go home."
(b) "Why is everybody so excited?"
(c) Nothing. She has no lines in Act 2.
(d) She mumbles inaudibly while on the phone with her daughter.

15. During the final portion of Tillie's science presentation, what special effect is used?
(a) Part of her speech is reverberated electronically and deep pulses of music are added as the light focuses on Tillie's face.
(b) Beatrice's voice is intertwined with Tillie's as the sound of horses trotting can be heard in the background.
(c) Her voice is distorted and she sounds like an old woman.
(d) The sound of cats meowing is heard over the sound system, followed by the ringing of bells.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character speaks the final line in Act 2?

2. At the beginning of Act 2, Ruth reveals that she overheard a conversation between two people. Who are these people?

3. What critical remark does Beatrice make about Ruth prior to the science fair?

4. What does Ruth say she would not be caught dead wearing on stage?

5. Beatrice surprises Ruth by placing something in her room in Act 2. What is it?

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