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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ruth feed Peter?
(a) Poison.
(b) Chocolate.
(c) Carrots.
(d) Lettuce.

2. What does Ruth announce when Tillie returns home from the science fair?
(a) MAMA! MAMA! She won!
(b) MAMA! MAMA! I bet Tillie made a fool of herself.
(c) MAMA! MAMA! Did she win?
(d) MAMA! MAMA! What happened at the Science Fair stays at the Science Fair!

3. What critical remark does Beatrice make about Ruth prior to the science fair?
(a) She says Ruth has a bad complexion.
(b) She says Ruth's lipstick is an ugly color.
(c) She says Ruth's hair bow is too large.
(d) She says Ruth's sweater is too tight.

4. Which of the following phrases best characterizes Beatrice's demeanor during the second phone call in Act 2?
(a) Sad and empathetic.
(b) Manic and cruel.
(c) Frightened and shy.
(d) Peaceful and diplomatic.

5. There is a last-minute change in plans before the science fair. What happens?
(a) Ruth changes her mind and decides not to go because she wants to take care of Nanny.
(b) Beatrice tells Ruth she can't go, then she changes her mind and says she'll stay home instead.
(c) Beatrice forbids Tillie from attending.
(d) Tillie decides she can't face the students who teased her and decides to stay home.

6. During the final portion of Tillie's science presentation, what special effect is used?
(a) Her voice is distorted and she sounds like an old woman.
(b) Part of her speech is reverberated electronically and deep pulses of music are added as the light focuses on Tillie's face.
(c) Beatrice's voice is intertwined with Tillie's as the sound of horses trotting can be heard in the background.
(d) The sound of cats meowing is heard over the sound system, followed by the ringing of bells.

7. These are Janice Vickery's parting words at the conclusion of her presentation at the science fair.
(a) "Thank you! Next up is my best friend in the whole world, Tillie!"
(b) "Today, the Science Fair. Tomorrow, the world!"
(c) "Thank you very much for your attention, and I hope I win!"
(d) "I wish you could see how pathetic you all look from up here!"

8. Tillie reveals that she had help purchasing some of the necessary items for her experiment. Who helped her pay for them?
(a) Janice Vickery.
(b) Mr. Goodman.
(c) Beatrice.
(d) Ruth.

9. In Act 2, Beatrice tries to contact the following persons in her first telephone call:
(a) The school principal and Janice Vickery.
(b) The school principal, Mr. Goodman, and Miss Hanley.
(c) Mr. Goodman and Nanny.
(d) The school principal and Janice Vickery's mother.

10. Ruth is excited to meet this person at the science fair.
(a) Janice Vickery.
(b) Miss Hanley.
(c) Mr. Goodman.
(d) Chris Burns.

11. What does Tillie want to do with the rabbit at the end of Act 2?
(a) Bury it in the backyard.
(b) Take a picture of it.
(c) Play with it.
(d) Give it to Ruth.

12. Beatrice speaks with this person during her second phone call in Act 2:
(a) Tillie.
(b) Peter.
(c) Nanny's daughter.
(d) Ruth.

13. Select the character below who makes the following statement in Act 2: "I hate the world."
(a) Ruth.
(b) Beatrice.
(c) Tillie.
(d) Nanny.

14. What type of action does Janice Vickery say she undertook on her experimental specimen?
(a) She boiled the animal.
(b) She put it in a swimming pool.
(c) She llit the animal on fire.
(d) She exposed the animal to cobalt-60.

15. After the Science Fair, Beatrice's demeanor can best be described as:
(a) Jubilant and giddy.
(b) Belligerent and drunk.
(c) Enthusiastic and proud.
(d) Disappointed and shocked.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Beatrice's reaction to the medical emergency that takes place at the end of Act 2?

2. Which character makes this statement: "Someday I'm going to write a book and blast that school to pieces."

3. What is Ruth concerned about before Tillie goes on stage?

4. What does Tillie say about the power of exploding atoms?

5. From what organization did Janice Vickery acquire her experimental specimen?

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