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Richard Powers
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was C.'s job?
(a) Marketing executive.
(b) Student.
(c) Programmer analyst.
(d) Museum guard.

2. What does Diana invite Richard to after chastising him?
(a) The theatre.
(b) Dinner.
(c) A walk in the woods.
(d) A bar.

3. Why does Richard not take the position he is offered?
(a) He wants to explore other options.
(b) He wants to travel.
(c) He has to stay with his sick mother.
(d) He wants to stay with C.

4. How does Philip Lentz respond when Diana Hartrick challenges him?
(a) He jumps out of his seat with a realization.
(b) He insults her.
(c) He agrees that she has a valid point.
(d) He explains at length.

5. What did C. feel when her family told her that they were moving?
(a) Delight.
(b) Sorrow.
(c) Liberation.
(d) Guilt.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Diana Hartrick invite Richard?

2. Who is Diana?

3. To what does Richard compare implementation A?

4. Who comes over to talk to Richard in Section II?

5. What does Philip Lentz say about implementation B?

Short Essay Questions

1. What leads Helen to say that she does not "want to play anymore"?

2. What does Richard notice during his first lunch with Lentz and the other researchers?

3. Describe the relationship between Philip Lentz and Richard.

4. Describe Taylor's death and its importance to Richard.

5. What advances does implementation G make after implementation F?

6. What is Lentz's success with implementation A and implementation B?

7. Describe Richard's circumstances when he first met C.

8. What does Richard feel about participating in Lentz's project?

9. What work do Richard and Lentz begin together?

10. Why does Lentz not cut into Helen?

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