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Richard Powers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Richard see Philip Lentz?
(a) In the middle of a crowd of people discussing theory.
(b) Drinking with an attractive woman who seems to be a student.
(c) On the edge of a crowd watching music.
(d) Drinking alone.

2. Who comes over to talk to Richard in Section II?
(a) Philip Lentz.
(b) Keluga.
(c) Chen.
(d) Diana Hartrick.

3. How does Richard describe the pathways in the neural net in back propagation?
(a) As disciplined.
(b) As democratic.
(c) As variously weighted.
(d) As lifelike.

4. What is it that bothers Richard about Philip Lentz's deception?
(a) That he ever let Lentz close to him.
(b) That he, Richard, cares so much about the project.
(c) That Lentz took Diana away from him.
(d) That he has so little going for himself that he has become a character in Lentz' research.

5. To what do Richard's attempts at conversation lead him?
(a) Alarming thoughts about the ignorance of college students.
(b) Disturbing thoughts about the state of the world.
(c) Soothing thoughts about getting wiser over time.
(d) Depressing thoughts about old age.

6. What change does Philip Lentz make in implementation B?
(a) An increase in interconnections.
(b) An increase in processor speeds.
(c) A decrease in retention ability.
(d) An increase in retention ability.

7. How does Harold Plover treat Richard at lunch?
(a) He insults him.
(b) He baits him.
(c) He encourages him.
(d) He confides in him.

8. What did C. begin to feel about Richard's writing?
(a) That it was turning her into a character of his.
(b) That it was more important than anything she was doing.
(c) That it was taking him away from her.
(d) That it was more real than he was.

9. What did Richard realize when C. heard that her parents were moving?
(a) That she had a history she had hidden from him.
(b) That he loved her more than he had ever loved anyone.
(c) That she was dying.
(d) That he did not know her well.

10. What was Richard's job when he lived with C.?
(a) Tour guide.
(b) Programmer.
(c) Museum guard.
(d) Researcher.

11. What is Philip Lentz starting to use as he works on implementation B?
(a) 'No' commands.
(b) Additional memory.
(c) Teaching it to find information.
(d) Additional processing power.

12. Whom does Richard end up talking with, mostly?
(a) Young people.
(b) Children.
(c) Old people.
(d) Students.

13. Where did Richard meet C.?
(a) At a conference where she was speaking.
(b) In a class she was teaching.
(c) By chance in a bookstore.
(d) In a class he was teaching.

14. What does Richard think about after he gets the invitation from Diana Hartrick?
(a) Making love with C.
(b) Meeting C.
(c) Making love with Diana Hartrick.
(d) Going home for dinner.

15. Why does C. not join Richard in his plans?
(a) She just was accepted into a graduate program.
(b) She is involved with someone.
(c) She does not trust him.
(d) She does not have enough money to come with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was C.'s job?

2. How does Philip Lentz refer to the location where Richard lived before coming to this location?

3. What does Richard see in the photograph of Philip Lentz and his wife?

4. Philip Lentz's tirade make Richard think of _____.

5. What does Richard finish in the beginning of section II?

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