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Richard Powers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens during Philip Lentz's experiment?
(a) Implementation B identifies the music.
(b) Implementation B deciphers the text.
(c) Implementation B identifies the people in the images.
(d) Implementation B recognizes the historical period of the piece.

2. What does Richard suggest to Philip Lentz as a result of his conversation with Diana?
(a) New avenues for funding.
(b) Emotional histories for the implementations.
(c) Eyes for the implementations.
(d) Ears for the implementations.

3. How does Richard act on his decision?
(a) He joins Lentz nonetheless.
(b) He tells everyone about Lentz's deceit.
(c) He holds his tongue.
(d) He reports Lentz's behavior to the Center.

4. To what does Diana Hartrick invite Richard?
(a) A lecture.
(b) A weekend away.
(c) A drink.
(d) Lunch.

5. What does Philip Lentz say about implementation B?
(a) It needs to be able to teach itself how to solve problems.
(b) It needs to write its own programs.
(c) It needs to process its processing.
(d) It needs to find its own energy sources.

6. How does Harold Plover treat Richard at lunch?
(a) He baits him.
(b) He confides in him.
(c) He encourages him.
(d) He insults him.

7. What is the first step in back propagation?
(a) Program a computer to distribute information.
(b) Build a network of supercomputers.
(c) Input data to a neural net.
(d) Train a computer network to find data.

8. Of what does Richard say he is afraid?
(a) Wasting his opportunities.
(b) Losing his savings.
(c) Failing in his writing.
(d) Realizing his dreams.

9. Who is Diana?
(a) The person answering the questions for implementation C.
(b) Philip Lentz's lover.
(c) Richard's lover.
(d) Philip Lentz's research assistant.

10. How did Richard and C. handle the cold when they lived together?
(a) By making love.
(b) By burning manuscript pages.
(c) By reading stories.
(d) By cooking soups.

11. Where did Richard meet C.?
(a) At a conference where she was speaking.
(b) In a class he was teaching.
(c) By chance in a bookstore.
(d) In a class she was teaching.

12. To what do Richard's attempts at conversation lead him?
(a) Soothing thoughts about getting wiser over time.
(b) Disturbing thoughts about the state of the world.
(c) Alarming thoughts about the ignorance of college students.
(d) Depressing thoughts about old age.

13. How does Richard refer to Philip Lentz in their second meeting?
(a) Boss.
(b) Manager.
(c) Prince.
(d) Engineer.

14. What does Richard conclude about Lentz's feelings about working together?
(a) That he wants to get help but take all the credit.
(b) That he wants to push Richard away from the project.
(c) That he wants Richard to stay on the project.
(d) That he wants to work alone.

15. What was Richard's job when he lived with C.?
(a) Programmer.
(b) Researcher.
(c) Tour guide.
(d) Museum guard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard finish in the beginning of section II?

2. How does Philip Lentz refer to the location where Richard lived before coming to this location?

3. How does Richard describe his relationship with C.?

4. What did C. feel when her family told her that they were moving?

5. For how long were Richard and C. happy together?

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