Galatea 2.2 Short Essay - Answer Key

Richard Powers
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1. What is the setting of "Galatea 2.2"?

"Galatea 2.2" takes place at a university in the town of U. in the U.S. Richard Powers has just returned to the U.S. to take a position as visiting teacher at the Center for the Study of Advanced Sciences.

2. Who is the main character, and what is he doing as the book begins?

The main character is Richard Powers, which is incidentally the name of the author. Richard is an author, and he is working on a new book, having finished a book with the same title as Richard Powers the author's last book. As the book opens, he is settling in to his new office and environment, which he does by wandering the halls at night.

3. Who is Philip Lentz and how does Richard meet him?

Philip Lentz is a cognitive neuroscientist who is working at the Center for the Study of Advanced Sciences developing machines that will model the behavior of a neural net. He meets Richard when Richard hears Mozart music down the hall in his nightly wanderings, and comes to investigate.

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