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Richard Powers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XI (pages 301-329).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Richard think about his letters to C.?
(a) Repayment for the stories she told him.
(b) Revenge for her affairs.
(c) Consolation for her losses.
(d) Acts of devotion to her.

2. What kind of accident led the condition of Lentz's wife?
(a) A car accident.
(b) A skiing accident.
(c) A cardiovascular accident.
(d) A mountaineering accident.

3. What is the first step in back propagation?
(a) Program a computer to distribute information.
(b) Train a computer network to find data.
(c) Build a network of supercomputers.
(d) Input data to a neural net.

4. About what kind of advances does Diana tell Richard?
(a) Programming protocols for testing hypotheses.
(b) Connectivity protocols that reduce bottlenecks.
(c) Memory protocols to give machines awareness of the tasks they execute.
(d) Imaging technology that allows localization of neuron activity.

5. Where does Richard see Philip Lentz?
(a) Drinking with an attractive woman who seems to be a student.
(b) Drinking alone.
(c) On the edge of a crowd watching music.
(d) In the middle of a crowd of people discussing theory.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Helen need to do, in order to win the contest?

2. What does Richard think Helen will never be able to grasp?

3. Who does Philip Lentz call in to watch his experiment with implementation B?

4. What does Richard decide in response to his discovery that Lentz deceived him?

5. What does implementation F develop the ability to do?

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