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Richard Powers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XI (pages 301-329).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Lentz take Richard?
(a) The long-term care facility where his wife lives.
(b) The house where his wife lives with another man.
(c) The mental hospital where his wife lives.
(d) The cemetery where his wife is buried.

2. What is the consequence of C.'s response to Richard's work?
(a) She loses a competition for funding for her work.
(b) She gives up all her time for her own work.
(c) She loses passion for her own.
(d) She makes herself miserable and alienates herself from her family.

3. How did Richard and C. handle the cold when they lived together?
(a) By making love.
(b) By cooking soups.
(c) By burning manuscript pages.
(d) By reading stories.

4. Where does Richard see Philip Lentz?
(a) Drinking alone.
(b) Drinking with an attractive woman who seems to be a student.
(c) On the edge of a crowd watching music.
(d) In the middle of a crowd of people discussing theory.

5. Where did Richard live with C.?
(a) In B.
(b) In London.
(c) In Paris.
(d) In U.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard translate Diana's insight into?

2. Where was Richard before he moved back to the U.S.?

3. What did C. feel when her family told her that they were moving?

4. What mistake does Diana say Philip Lentz is making in his project?

5. What does Richard think about after the scene of Philip Lentz's experiment?

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