Galatea 2.2 Character Descriptions

Richard Powers
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Richard Powers - This person is a writer who has recently returned from abroad, where he was living with a lover of ten years.

C. - This person met a lover at university and later returned to Europe to live near family.

Philip Lentz - This person is a cognitive neuroscientist working at the Center for the Study of Advanced Sciences.

Helen - This persona is the final iteration of a machine that sits for a literature exam and competes against a human being.

Taylor - This person inspires a student to change majors to literature.

Diana Hartrick - This person specializes in doing associative representation formation in the hippocampus.

Ram Gupta - This person is a perception researcher who recently emigrated from India.

Harold Plover - This person has two daughters who often come into the lab to observe the progress on the machine.


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